David Heyman Comments on Possible Theme Park Expansion


Nov 18, 2011

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In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun, Harry Potter producer David Heyman acknowledged that Universal Studios is planning an expansion to the popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, though did not elaborate on any details.

Heyman confirmed with Sun Media that details are being planned,
including new Potter-themed thrill rides. Heyman himself has been
thrilled with the response. “This is the first time we’ve been here with
this crowd,” he said of “real fans” of the Harry Potter universe. “You
realize it does live on and it lives on in so many ways.”

Do note that any expansion would still be a few years off, but it’s an exciting prospect! What are some Harry Potter-themed rides you’d like to see?

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Avatar ImageFelteppsters says: That's exciting! Because I doubt I'll be able to come up with the money in the next few years, so if they expand, i'll have more time to make more money and make the best trip of my life <3Avatar ImageNikki lovegoode says: :D i already know that they r making the park bigger, but i'm still excited to read this!!!!!! i can't wait for the rides, and decor all over the place!!! :D :DAvatar ImageResaPotter says: OMFG!!!!YESSSSSSAvatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: i hope they put in that ride that evanna lynch was talking about! it sounds so interesting!!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I would love something Quidditch related! No more roller coasters though please, they freak me out and are basically all the same.Avatar ImageForeverHPfan says: I am so happy to hear this.Avatar ImageJocundaSykes says: The Lovegood ride, with Blibbering Humdingers, Nargles, Wrackspurts and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks :)Avatar ImageHermonie says: I'd love to see a ride where you can ride around on a broomstick and steer, like those fake cars! Or maybe a ride through Diagon Alley, it'd be cool if they added that! The possibilities are endless! Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: I'm not sure when I'll be able to go, but that be pretty cool to see the park expand!Avatar Imagereadhp1008 says: I just went so it's kinda upsetting, but I'm glad they're expanding four rides just isn't enough. I also hope they lower their prices a bit. It is extremely expensive... but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I can't wait to go back when I can...Avatar Imagesampsongregory says: Universal needs to expand the Potter franchise since Disney has acquired control over the Marvel characters. At some point they'll put Spiderman, etc. and Universal needs a replacement. But really, Warner Bros. has the HP franchise sewn up. Why they didn't think there was enough in the series to support an entire new park is unfathomable. A dedicated HP theme park: Diagon Alley for the shops; Hogwarts Castle, MOM, Privet Drive, Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 & 3/4-----more than enough for developing an entire theme park.Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: Oh my word.... And I though I died and went to heaven when I got my first glimpse of Hogwarts. I can't imagine going again to see even more!Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: Wow! Maybe go to Ministry of Magic or something like that, Shreking Shack, maybe. Oh, that's so amazing, but I'm going next Summer, though to see how it's like now! Oh, my Gosh! I'm so excited!!! :DAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: It appears that 'they' are finally beginning to see the light. HP is sooo much bigger than they realized. TWWOHP has the potential to be bigger than Disney ever was. Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I have so many idea! Maybe I could volunteer to be on their board of advisors! I'd like a Soxx Shop in Glad Rags so I could pick out a pair for Dobby (after all the theme park is set about Book 4 and he is still alive). Madam Puddifoots would be nice. And of course, a place to use floo powder or port key to take me to The Leaky Cauldron and other places in Diagonally.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: How exciting! :D I've always thought there should be more rides. :)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: They'll probably do a Gringotts one and maybe a Floo Powder/Portkey ride :D I hope they do another sort of Forbidden Journey like ride because it looked good although I haven't been yet!!!!!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Expansion is definitely needed. You shouldn't be able to do every single thing there in a day, even with the long lines. Also, only kids are allowed to go on the Hippogriff ride - adults weigh too much. In terms of new rides, I think that the wave of the future for theme parks ought to be attractions that are less passive, more interactive, so that they would appeal more to gamers. For instance, there could be a series of rooms with challenges like the obstacles to finding the Philosopher's/Sorceror's Stone, so that you actually have to solve some sort of puzzle (not exactly the same ones that are in the book) in order to go on to the next space. Ideally, the puzzles would vary, so that people wouldn't find out all the spoilers before they went to WWoHP. I'd like to see a little theatre that shows Potter Puppet Pals videos all day long, with the Cicieregas getting some income out of it. It would only be fair, considering that WB forced them to stop their PPP merchandising. A bandshell with different live wrock bands performing several times a day would be great, and strolling buskers singing Potter filks all over Hogsmeade or in the Hog's Head. Also, I'd like to see more live actors in character. The five minutes that you spend with a big crowd watching one person get to interact briefly with Ollivander, after a very long wait on line, is rather disappointing, I found. In general, I'd like to see an emphasis on more interactivity and opportunities for roleplaying, so that you really feel like you're in the Potterverse. That's more important than more thrill rides.Avatar Imagesongbird says: I have a lot of ideas as well. I really hope that they do something that whole FAMILIES can enjoy. Not coasters, but something that even people with disibilities, or small children can do. Something tame. Not all Harry Potter fans love or can even go on roller coasters...it would be nice for those of us who can't to still be able to do something other than shop.Avatar Imagedab1158 says: I finally made it down there the end of last month. I loved it, but thought it was too small. I'm really happy they're considering an expansion.Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: OHMYGOD !! *Happy dance* YES PLEASE !!!Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: YAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY! WE WANT IT ALL! aaahhh! Harry Potter! YAAAAAAYYYY! More Harry Potter-themed stuff! WICKED!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I think what they really need to add is The Ministry of Magic! So much could be done in all the different department! I'm getting excited just thinking about it. =)Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: I'd love to see an interactive ride, kind of like the Men in Black ride. It could be like an Auror training ride, where you have "wands" on a car that you use to blast dark wizards and gain points. I also think a roller coaster type ride simulating a cart ride through Gringotts would be awesome. And for little kids, a carousel, but instead of horses, you would ride on magical creatures or broomsticks.Avatar ImageGene L. says: Somebody make us a Gringotts roller coaster ride!Avatar ImageLuna-Rose says: I am glad its all going well for them, but, i still think it should of been built in the UK where Harry Potter is originally based. Also, guys, where has your imagionation gone? Dont you want to keep the ideas and pictures of what you imagioned Hogwarts, butterbeer, hogsmead etc to look/taste like to still be continued in your head? Instead of the 'real thing' that they are doing here? Just something to think about!! <3Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Wow!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: How about a Department of Mysteries Maze? I rather miss the Funhouse concept that every amusement park used to have back in my youth, where you have to blunder around and find your way through at your own pace - rather than riding on something that zips you through and then you're done.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Speaking of 'zips,' zipline (what mountaineers call a Tyrolean traverse) rides have become all the rage since they started putting them up in the cloud forest canopy in Costa Rica some years back. Now more and more ski areas in the US are installing them as off-season attractions. WWoHP could graft broomsticks onto the harness apparatus somehow, and visitors could 'fly' from platform to platform over a Quidditch pitch (with lots of safety nets, of course).Avatar Imagejulytwofive says: I think one of the obvious ride ideas is Gringotts. They should have the entrance be just like the bank where you can exchange money for wizarding currency...like how you can get Disney dollars at Disney world. Avatar Imagejulytwofive says: Oh, wow, now I'm boiling over with ideas...maybe a Quidditch World Cup experience...the Gladrags idea someone above had...a whomping willow ride...a flying car experience. I'm just so excited and I haven't even been there yet!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Gringotts cart ride obviously!Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: They'll probably add a Knockturn Alley. xDAvatar ImageLemonFaerie says: Oooh, @WeenyOwl, awesome ideas! I would also love a lot more interactive things to do, people in character, etc. I'd also love more rollercoasters (Gringotts!! Flying brooms!!), but also things that people who don't like or can't ride rollercoasters can do, too. More shows (some indoors... please, please get us out of the Florida heat! LOL), and they definitely need to expand Hogsmeade and the stores. I could not understand why so many of them were only fronts. Honestly, they just need to tear down the rest of Universal and do it ALL: an even bigger Hogwarts castle we can stay in as a hotel, complete with the Chamber of Secrets and the final challenges from PS/SS, more restaurants, lots more shops and rides, Diagon Alley, bigger Hogsmeade, the Quidditch World Cup stadium (with lessons and games) and camp, the Ministry of Magic, Godric's Hollow, Privet Drive, The Burrow, interactive wand dueling clubs, Auror training like someone else said, IN the Ministry, the maze from the third challenge, Grimmauld Place, a Hogwarts Express you can actually ride around the entire park like Disney's train, everything!Avatar ImageAppaketoope says: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagemencia says: that is awesome news, I have to safe up to travel there because just the ticket alone to the states is expensive from my part of the world. I am glad that they are expanding so that when I do get to travel I will not mis out on anything.Avatar Imagegav0071 says: I agree with Noble birth Descending. I think I should also be on the board of great ideas. Its so easy to come up with great ideas. There should be a suggestion box in the park. For instance: have gringotts coins as an alternate official currency of the park (like they do at Disney, or did do). But you get a discount if you use them; build a roller coaster for the gringots vault ride from DH-II! They made that scene on purpose!; Build a resort type hotel to stay in with common rooms. one for the castle, one like the Leaky cauldron, and one for the 3 brrom sticks.Avatar ImagePrinceyboy says: While this is exciting, it has to be said that the Toronto Sun isn't the most reliable news source in our city. Tabloid stuff, really - Rita Skeeter-esque quality facts.Avatar Imagegav0071 says: Actually they should have built the official one in Scotland, where as we all know it is based!! I do think you should only be able to get into the park (or Hogwarts, via boats. And you should have the choice of traveling on the hogwarts express into Hogsmead from outside the park. So they'll need a HUGE expansion for that to happen. Maybe if they ever do create one in Scotland, they shoul dhave the express take you there from Kings Cross, all the way up there. This will be a huge money spinner, as they can charge whatever they want, and people would pay it!! BTW the chocolate frogs need to be made by cadburys. Best chocolate in the world. They can also do a simulator ride such as the forbidden journey, but have it in replica Ford Angelias Flying thru England and over the hogwarts grounds, where you can control the direction of the car! Same sort of gymbal system can be used for broomstick rides.Avatar ImageMissWeasley8 says: Hmm.... Like Disney! Expanding all the time!Avatar Imagelovelle says: so awesome! it just means the theme park is staying put for a long time! I hope someday i'll go to florida and finally experience everything there! :D

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