First Look at Tom Felton in “Labyrinth”


Nov 23, 2011

Posted by Mel

The first pictures of Tom Felton as Viscount Trencavel in the upcoming mini series “Labyrinth” are now online, and can be seen here in our galleries. “Labyrinth” is based off of the best selling book by Kate Mosse and will be aired sometime in 2012.

Many thanks to SnitchSeeker!

17 Responses to First Look at Tom Felton in “Labyrinth”

Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Good Lord Merlin does Tom look different! O.O I hadnt even heard about this mini series! What channel will it be on, does anyone know??Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Interesting look for him...Avatar ImageGryffindorlove says: Tom Felton is so cute, He's my favorite actor: :DAvatar ImageGene L. says: First the aps then this, he is really doing well.Avatar ImageGene L. says: First he aps then this, he is really doing well.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Wow, he looks completely different at first sight! It's slightly sad for me to come to realize that the actors have moved on, I really don't want them to stop making Harry Potter movies! *sighs* Ah well, it's really for the better, I hope I get to see them in outstanding movies -- none better than Harry Potter of course! :)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Lol he does look really different. Good luck to him :)Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: He is starting to look like Jason Isaacs/Lucius in some shots.... or maybe it is just my imagination.....! Avatar Imagemencia says: OMG! I wouldn't have recognize him at all if I hadn't known it was him, he lloks different good but very different. goodluck to him for all upcoming projectsAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: InterestingAvatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: It's so great reading about how they're all doing well. Of course, it's a bit bittersweet, but great nonetheless. Avatar Imagelovelle says: it's so awesome that he has loads of projects! And there are loads more to come! I really wish best of luck! And i know that he'll be great! :DAvatar Imagejacket says: Ahhh! long hair! looks great! I love seeing all of the films that everyone is going into now! I look forward to seeing more!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Pretty interesting look! Good luck,Tom! :-)Avatar ImageRhemas says: Of course, best of luck, break a leg, cheerio! Hope this is a Syfy or BBC production. Labyrinth should be interesting.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Until I saw this photo, I could never understand all the fangirls squeeing over Tom Felton being good-looking. I think he looks like Stan Laurel (as in Laurel & Hardy) when he grins. But this shot at least is flattering. I guess guys are always cuter with long hair.Avatar Imagesongbird says: I actually prefer clean cut looks to long hair and scruffiness...but Tom certainly looks OLDER in this, which fits. I really liked the book, so I hope the mini series plays in more than just the US and/or UK! I'd really like to see it!

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