It’s that time of year! Jingle Spells Five!


Nov 30, 2011

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Hurrah! Leaky’s fifth wizard rock holiday album, JINGLE SPELLS 5, is here! And we’ve got a couple of great deals to celebrate!

First, every purchase of a disc also gets you a digital download so that you can start listening to your music right now.

Go here to get your holiday music!

Second, we are trying to empty out some of our stock. We overordered Jingle Spells 3 two years ago and so are having a big ol’ fire sale on it. It costs THREE DOLLARS plus S&H. That’s what happens when we’re trying to clear storage space. :) And it includes a digital download!

Third, all the other albums are available for digital download here, cheaper than they are on iTunes. And we are selling here, exclusively, a five-album digital collection for $30. That’s about half off if you were to get them all on iTunes.

Go here to get your holiday music!

As with all years we are only shipping a small number (a few hundred) of these limited-edition physical copies, so get ordering! We are sending the items out ONE time, in mid-December – after that physical orders will be halted until the next time we plan a shipment. We cannot guarantee that international orders will arrive in time for Christmas, but hope the digital download is a good salve.

And without any further ado here are your previews of Jingle Spells 5! We have such a great lineup thanks to our Great(er) Jingle Spells contest, and are so excited to share this with you!

All proceeds benefit the HP Alliance!

“Accio Christmas,” Accio Lumos

“Hagrid Drank All My Eggnog,” Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills

“Snape’s Holiday Blues,” Solitary Snape

“Wizard Chess at Christmas,” Love Wrocks

“When 13 Dine,” The Pumpkin Pasties

“Happy Birthday Tom,” Undesirable #1

“Full Moon Christmas,” The Crookshank Redemption

“Godric’s Hollow,” Shon Rand

“Jingle Spells,” The Giant Squidstravaganza

“My Chrissstmasss Wisssh Lissst,” Awkward Voldemort

“Unsent,” Lav²

“Hermione’s Christmas Mistake,” Seen and Unforseen

“Livin’ in a Mirror,” Harry and the Potters

“Christmas Holiday Partyin’,” Pickles4Muggles

“I’ve Got Presents!” Heart of Black

“Molly’s Carol,” The Veelas

“This Christmas,” Tonks & the Aurors

“Home for the Holidays,” Stephanie & the Quaffles

“Good Haul This Year,” Humphrey Belcher and the Chocolate Cauldrons

“Imperio Father Christmas,” Mulciber Zerstörer

Go here to get your holiday music!

This year we thank, as always, the awesome Paul DeGeorge, Frank Franco and Jordan Edwards and, making his first appearance on the Jingle Spells Production Team… The Wrock Snob. Thank you guys for all the work!

32 Responses to It’s that time of year! Jingle Spells Five!

Avatar ImageKayWeasley says: Yay! Purchased!Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: It keeps giving me "Error 99: This transaction cannot be accepted." I find it oddly insulting when payment engines refuse to take my money. :) Is anyone else having this problem?Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: Okay, I did it. I had to check out through google, though, which I am NOT happy about. Leaky Checkout just wouldn't accept my order though. Kinda weird.Avatar Imageapm239 says: How does one check out through Google?Avatar ImageEva.Stormz says: Eeeep! 'Seen and Unforeseen' is spelled wrong! But Hoorah! Good list of songs this year! :D Avatar Imageapm239 says: Never mind. Figured it out. Shipping did not show up though which is a bit odd. Either way, lets hope Jingle Spells is on its way!Avatar Imageeibrab says: I'm having the same problem as DeliaDee. How do we check out through Google?Avatar ImageLeakyMugLuva749 says: It's a Why has no one made this joke yet?Avatar Imagelava55677 says: I had the same problem so I ordered through Google, shipping did not show up on the order but I ordered anyway because I want a hard copy real bad! I hope it works!Avatar Imagelovelle says: awesome! good prices!Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: eibrab, there is a button underneath the "Check Out" button that says "check out though google check out". Just click that and it will put you right through. It's nice to know I wasn't alone in Leaky Check Out rejecting my money. :)Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I honestly can't pick a favorite amongst them.Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Squee! I've been checking Leaky constantly over the past couple days in anticipation of this and now it's here, hooray! :)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: My, my... It's that time yet again. Wrapping up my 10th year visiting The Leaky Cauldron... The time has flown, and it has been fun! :+)Avatar ImageKneazlekoneko says: Bought the 5 disc collection, since I've never heard any of these before. Love what I'm hearing :D They're great to listen to when studying for finals! Keep up the good work!Avatar Imageteacakes says: Amazing! Wish I could find physical copies of 1 and 2 though =[Avatar Imageteacakes says: Amazing! Wish I could find physical copies of 1 and 2 though =[Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: Any chance, the songs that weren't chosen will be available for download soon? Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: rockin' good! :) Vote for me 3 times please. It would really help me. Thanks! Imagewandmastercalum says: Love "This Christmas" "Hermione's Christmas Mistake", "Home for the Holidays" and "Good Haul this Year"Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: cool!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageWillowEcho says: Can't wait to get the CD in the mail :) Avatar ImageLuna-Rose says: Wizard Rock Christmas songs. While evryone else is singing Away in a Manger I'll be singing Wizard Chess at Christmas!! :D I love being a potterhead. ;DAvatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I would really like to buy a hardcopy but the link never loads. Help!Avatar ImageAdalbert Waffling says: It's actually Humphrey Belcher and the CHEESE Cauldrons....but that's ok!!Avatar Imageanomalink says: Looking forward to receiving the disc to add to the collection, enjoying the part two download, and wonders why repeated emails asking to get the part one reset (because the system erroneously declared the link used) have not been acknowledged.Avatar Imageariana_dumbledore says: I ordered Jingle Spells 4 *months* ago and I'm *still* waiting for it. So I'm not ordering this one.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: Very nice music!Avatar Imagemoglet says: I understood that those tracks not chosen for the album were to be made available as a free download, but I've not seen any mention of it, will it ever happen? We are now very close to Christmas. Avatar Imageapm239 says: Have the physical copies shipped yet and is there any way we can track them if they have?Avatar Imageapm239 says: Have the physical copies shipped yet and is there any way we can track them if they have?

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