Rupert Grint, Tom Felton Talk Characters and “Part 2″ Final Battle with Empire Magazine


May 25, 2011

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As part of Empire Magazine‘s commemorative Harry Potter feature, two new interviews with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) have been published online.

Grint spoke about Ron’s darker turn in the “Deathly Hallows” and what it was like filming the final battle.

So when you read the book, and you see what happens, did you become excited?

That’s been the case with a lot of the later books, really. The character’s had a lot more dimensions to him. In previous films Ron was usually quite scared all the time, that was always kind of him, but it was great to see that there was a lot more heavy emotion. Because he really falls in love, so there’s all that story, and that really develops in Part Two particularly. And then there’s the family stuff as well. There are some quite dark things that I never really got before with Ron.

Was it a case of ‘no acting required’ as Hogwarts comes down there?

Yeah. It really nailed that down, that this was the end. Seeing the Great Hall… The place had become quite a familiar one in our lives; we’d spent a lot of time there. And now it’s on fire. There are dead bodies, dead children everywhere. It’s really dark.

Click here for the complete interview and watch a video of Grint talking about the final film.

Felton meanwhile talked about the tight bond between the cast and crew on the Harry Potter set and what his final few days of filming were like.

What was your last scene?

There were a couple. One of my last scenes as a group was us, 19 years on, on the platform at King’s Cross. That was really quite fitting, because one of my first scenes was as a 10 year old being put on the train there, ten years ago literally to the day, so it was really weird and suitable that that fit. My very last one was a night shoot on 2nd unit just by myself. I was shot walking away after the battle, I believe, so again, that was really nice because there’s always a tighter feeling with the 2nd unit crew.

There was a lovely moment at the Empire Awards one year when you were both there and she immediately went into Bellatrix mode.

I always get really taken aback by that! It’s all very different when you’re working together, but when you’re outside work you always think, “I wonder if they still have a clue who I am”. And she literally pounced on me! I’ve learnt a lot from her. She’s the complete Jekyll and Hyde, if you will: she’s the sweetest British lady and slightly in her own world and then when the cameras roll she goes berserk, which is amazing. It’s brilliant to watch. I could name more: every single one of those actors has been incredibly nice to me, which makes a big difference.

Felton’s full interview can be read here along with a video clip of the actor.

Empire Magazine hits shelves tomorrow, May 26. Fans can also order a copy of the publication online.

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