Early and Spoiler-Free Review of Team StarKid’s “Holy Musical, [email protected]


Mar 20, 2012

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This weekend, Leaky was in attendance at one of the preview showings for Team StarKid‘s latest production “Holy Musical, [email protected],” and is now able to share this early–and spoiler free– review of the musical. The full performance will be online care of YouTube in April, following four more performances taking place next weekend.

Comic books. Superheroes. Music. Dancing. StarKids. It’s a combination that speaks to everything their fans love: fantasy characters, good stories, quality music and lyrics and fun. And they know how to make that combination work. Without giving anything away, the StarKid team continues to perform at their peak with each production they debut. With this new show, they bring us again the kind of entertaining and clever performances they’ve given in the “A Very Potter Musicals,” “Starship,” and “Me and My Dick.” Just as “Starship” was a fantastic mash-up of multiple classic sci-fi plots and characters from our collective cultural geek-ness, “Holy Musical, [email protected]” gives us the same with the superhero genre and involves several elements from comic/comic-to-film lore that both the casual and hardcore fan of such matters should appreciate.

The entire cast and crew gives it their all, and it shows. While I won’t say who’s who, the entire cast is at their best and gets an opportunity for both their characters and voices to shine. The show is paced well and builds to a great finale that captures the show’s essence. The sets and costumes, designed by Corey Lubowich and June Saito, respectively, are bright and work wonderfully with the theme of the show. And the music and songs by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps are very well constructed and clever. I wish I could say more about the details of the show and its plot, but I couldn’t spoil something that’s so worth the wait to see.

One of the most impressive things about Team StarKid’s evolution from show to show is just how much geekier they become. Not geeky in a way that only speaks to the most hardcore fans of a particular genre, but geeky in a way that both shows and includes everyone in the things all people love about a character or series. They are able to do this”again”with “Holy Musical, [email protected]” and do it well. It’s a great two hours of your day and may even make you feel as if you’re a bit of a superhero too.

The show is written and directed by Matt and Nick Lang, music and lyrics by Nick Gage, with additional music by Scott Lamps. Choreography by Katie Spelman, set design by Corey Lubowich, costume design by June Saito, lighting design by Sarah Petty and sound design by Mark Swiderski.


  • Nico Ager
  • Julia Albain
  • Chris Allen
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty
  • Jeff Blim
  • Denise Donovan
  • Brian Holden
  • Nick Lang
  • Lauren Lopez
  • Jim Povolo
  • Dylan Saunders
  • Meredith Stepien
  • Nicholas Strauss

For ticket information, as well as everything else on everything Team StarKid, check out their website here, and stay close to Leaky for the very latest!

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