Jessie Cave Interviewed by Digital Spy

Jun 26, 2012

Posted by: Catherine


Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) was recently interviewed by Digital Spy. The interviews covers Jessie’s hobbies of “making stuff”, her friendship with Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), and (of course) all things Harry Potter! Jessie Cave is currently working on several post-Potter projects, including Great Expectations with Mike Newell and a self-made show called Bookworm. Sections of the interview can be read below (including a special Bookworm clip with Evanna Lynch), and the rest can be viewed here.

What’s Bookworm all about?
“The idea is that it’s the launch of this book club that I’ve made and everyone in the audience are members. It’s the big day, it means everything to me. It’s about introducing the idea of Bookworms United to all these people.”

Do you feel prepared for a month-long onslaught at Edinburgh?
“I do feel prepared, I’ve planned this to the last minute detail since I decided I wanted to go up in September, and it means organising everything. Everything on Pindippy is stuff I’ve done, and I do absolutely everything. That’s not going to change with Edinburgh.”

You’ve worked with Evanna Lynch and other people on your site and joked that Rupert Grint was too busy washing his hair…
“He really wanted to do a sketch, but he’s impressively difficult to pin down. I don’t have a team around me like he does, and to get through to Rupert. When we are face-to-face it’s all ‘Let’s do this, let’s do this’ and then as soon as he’s gone, you have to get through all those people again. It’s impossible, that’s the downside.”

Do you still feel part of the famous Harry Potter family?
“It’s nice, because I am friends with Evanna, I’ve just been out to visit her in LA – I’m really good friends with her, we might move in together. It’s nice, but you make a connection with somebody. I’ve made connections with people who weren’t necessarily acting in the films.”

What would you think about a remake of the Harry Potter series?
“I think they have to. I think you’ve got to just be at peace with that, that’s fine! It’ll probably be better. That’s fine. They would never have done that first. And also it deserves another life in some form. I was thinking the other day, it’s quite sad – obviously it’s very sad – thinking about SnitchSeeker, thinking they’re only now commenting on Harry Potter actors who have got new jobs, or the Harry Potter Studios, it’s quite sad. I was thinking, ‘How will it go on?'”

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