“Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2″ Ultimate Editions Available November 13th


Oct 10, 2012

Posted by Mel

The Ultimate Editions for “Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2″ will be available for purchase on November 13th. The two movies will be sold in a single package. You can buy this Ultimate Edition now at Target, but it is available in store only.

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Avatar Imageesteethomas1977 says: no dvd? only bluray? :(Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: But I only have green-ray!Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Yeah! Finally!!! Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Are you sure these are the Ultimate Edition versions, Melissa? I'm almost sure I heard on various other websites that it wouldn't be released until January of next year (with the exception of the Target release), and there was some confusion earlier around a combo-pack of the last two movies (which was actually a re-packaging of the 3D Blu Ray versions) being the Ultimate Edition, which it wasn't. November does make more sense as a release date (just in time for Christmas), but the information on Amazon just doesn't seem detailed enough to peg these as the Ultimate Editions. Avatar Imagecritterfur says: By the way, I release the picture depicted on Amazon features the UE cover, but there are often discrepancies between those and the actually products (especially if there are multiple editions of a DVD or book...sometimes the cover depicted isn't from the version you're actually buying). Avatar ImageSilviusPrince says: I went to Target today. It's definitely the UE of both Hallows and looks like the packaging on Amazon. According to their sign they've had it in store since something like September 27th. It's price is $49.99 if I remember correctly and for some mysterious reason the DVD version doesn't exist, even as a pre-order on Amazon. Anyone know what's going on with the DVD version?Avatar ImageSilviusPrince says: Yesterday I got a advertisement -email from Warner Brothers about this UE and how they're doing pre-orders for it. I checked WB's pre-order list though and there was no DVD version of this UE despite there being other titles on the list that were DVDs. Usually WB doesn't advertise in e-mail about something until it's all sorted out. They made 1-6 as UE, what could be the hold up on 7/7 being DVD? Oh, and I remembered the date wrong about when the UE became available in stores in Target. It was available sometime in the middle of September.Avatar ImageJcardin3 says: Well this set has both Blu Ray and DVD versions of both films, so I can't see a separate DVD set being released...I got this set from Target about two weeks ago...Avatar ImageSilviusPrince says: That's very odd that they did that (I've read up on what you said on another site). None of the extra material is on DVD, only Bluray. Only the films are Bluray. I must say, I'm rather disappointed in the fact that they held these EUs back a year and now they're aren't even releasing them like normal or even well. What about the pepole who are trying to complete the DVD set? They don't get any of the extra things, only the films. This was just a sad and disheartening way to end the UEs and Warner Brothers advert is all about claiming that it's the Ultimate ending. It's like it's sale price is trying to show how cheap and sad it really is.Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Question for clarification, because I've been wondering about this: Does the Wizards Collection include all the Ultimate Editions, or are those only sold separately? Avatar Imagecritterfur says: As far as I know, the Wizards Collection technically has most of the stuff that was included in the various Ultimate Editions; it has the extended editions of the first two films that were packaged in the first Ultimate Editions, it has all of the individual documentaries that were released on each Ultimate Edition, etc. I don't know if it includes some of the other bonuses that were in the Ultimate Editions, like the collector cards that came with each release or the hardcover photo books, but it apparently has a plethora of bonuses all its own. I've been collecting the UE Blu Rays, and instead of shelling out 300 bucks for the Wizards Collection (as nice as it looks), I was hoping for an individual release of the last two movies in the same format as the rest of the UEs, and now it looks like we'll finally get them. Avatar ImageRaytheforgottenWeasley says: Yippee!

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