Tom Felton and Warwick Davis at “Stand Up for Cancer” Telethon


Oct 21, 2012

Posted by Catherine

Videos and photos have appeared online of Tom Felton and Warwick Davis on Channel 4′s Stand Up to Cancer telethon. The telethon’s goal was to raise money for the Stand Up to Cancer charity through The 2 Million Pound Drop. A video of Tom Felton and Warwick Davis on the show can be seen below, along with a message to the fans and a photo Felton tweeted. Thank you to SnitchSeeker for the heads up!


Tom Felton@TomFelton


Hanging out with @WarwickADavis backstage! @su2c #keepdonating!

6 Responses to Tom Felton and Warwick Davis at “Stand Up for Cancer” Telethon

Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: What a great cause, so nice to see them out supporting it. :) Now, is it just me, or is Tom looking blonde again?Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: There is a mistake in the heading. The event is 'Stand Up to Cancer', not 'Stand Up for Cancer'!Avatar Imagemoglet says: Yes, get the headline right please, it gives an entirely different meaning to the whole thing. A very good cause, I would think that most families will have been affected by cancer at some time. Avatar ImageGrindylow_101 says: Aw that's soo nice of them! @LL: Yes I think he does look kinda blondAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Good cause, bad typo! lool...Avatar Imagegermankitty says: Would've been even better if the two hadn't managed to lose 1.15 MILLION pounds on a fairly easy question, though! Sorry, guys, I love you to bits as actors, but that was pretty pathetic!

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