Final Installment of “Chamber of Secrets’ to be Released on Pottermore Next Week

Oct 23, 2012

Posted by: Mel

J.K. Rowling

The Pottermore Insider has announced that the final chapters of “Chamber of Secrets” will be released on the Pottermore web site next week. The Pottermore Insider has also previewed a look at a new Moment image from the update. Click here to see Harry pointing out the spiders that he and Ron must follow into the Forbidden Forest.
The update will include new content from J. K. Rowling. In particular she’ll be letting us in on the history of the Chamber of Secrets.

Now, it’s your turn to find out some stuff as we can announce that the final and last instalment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be released next week.

Chapters Twelve to Eighteen will shortly be available for you to delve into and explore.

Brewing Polyjuice Potion, accessing the Slytherin common room and uncovering the secret of Tom Riddle’s diary are amongst the many exciting Moments awaiting you.

These concluding chapters will also contain brand new exclusive content from J.K. Rowling, including material on the Chamber of Secrets; its origin and history.

In the meantime, we’re sharing with you the Moment that Harry and Ron discover the meaning of Hagrid’s wise words ’ the trail of the spiders into the Forbidden Forest.

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