Project for Awesome: Vote for the HPA!


Dec 19, 2012

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If you have been living under a rock or a similarly YouTube-less planet for the past couple days, you don’t know about Project For Awesome, which is basically the best thing to happen on the Internet. Project for Awesome started in late 2007 as a way to use the YouTube algorithm for good: to use the crowd power of YouTube viewers to make sure that videos about charity and good works were bumped to the top of every user’s homepage for a day. YouTubers make videos about their favorite charities, whatever they may be, and flood the platform for the day: users then go on commenting sprees and vote those charities up to the top of the charts.
That effort has now ballooned. Spearheaded by the Vlogbrothers, Project for Awesome has expanded into an amazing drive which raises a ton of cash through incentive-based giving, and gives the money out to five deserving charities voted on by users.
As you definitely know as a Leaky reader, since 2005 the HP Alliance has been working hard to create a Dumbledore’s Army for the real world, and it is constantly in need of your support to fund its ongoing drives and continue doing awesome things in the world. And you can take literally ONE MINUTE to help quickly, for free: by voting for every one of the videos on this page.
Vote for the HPA

When you click on each of the videos listed there (there are 16!), you will see a red button to the bottom right that says “vote for this video.” By clicking that button, you are casting a vote for the HP Alliance to receive funding from the Project for Awesome drive. If you believe in the HP Alliance’s mission, you should go do it now! It’s free and quick and is a very big way you can help.
Of course, you should peruse the site and discover all the other amazing organizations being featured and vote for the ones you love! Make sure you spread the word about this terrific endeavor to everyone you know: the project has raised a staggering $410K so far and it’s not done yet.
Help us build Dumbledore’s Army! Go here and vote!

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