Dan Radcliffe in OUT Magazine


Feb 12, 2013

Posted by Mel

A new article about Dan Radcliffe appears in the March issue of OUT magazine. In it, Radcliffe discusses his upcoming film “Kill Your Darlings,” as well as touching on if he would rewatch the Harry Potter films:

When he was plucked from obscurity to play the most famous boy in the world, Radcliffe had no formal training at all, and was given none on set. In essence, millions of us watched him through 10 years of self-taught acting classes. OK, so he had extraordinary mentors like Gary Oldman, Fiennes, and Dame Maggie Smith to steer him, but he also had to learn to keep pace with them, especially when the franchise hit its stride. Radcliffe says he can barely bring himself to watch his early performances. “I certainly wouldn’t watch number three, I wouldn’t watch the first two, I wouldn’t watch four’ he says, ticking off each of the installments. “I might watch five.” He pauses. “I definitely wouldn’t watch six.”

You can read the rest of the article here. Please be forewarned that there is some mature content.

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Avatar Imagerabbitred says: I didn't read on because of the 'mature content', but I think he should watch 1 through 4 because of the purity of his performanes. He is being too hard on himself!Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Aw. Okay, the HE WAS THEIR FRIEND! would be absolutely horrifying to me if it had been me, but they were all so cute in the first two films, I hope one day he can at least enjoy them for the adorableness factor. Maybe he just needs some time. The article is really good! It makes me happy to see Dan feeling so positive and described in such a positive light. Yayy Dan.Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: That's a nice article. Way to go,Dan! :)Avatar ImageSpook says: Good article. Interesting read. :)Avatar ImageEeyore says: Nice article. Many of the movies he has made since Harry Potter don't appeal to me personally, but I'm glad to see that he continues to grow in his career and is making choices that will let him do that. Best of luck, Dan. (And Stephen Fry got it just right - it was so nice to see the young cast of Harry Potter stay normal and not turn into brats.)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: So... Is he in, or is he Out? Har! :+]Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: I can't really blame him. I would find it very awkward to watch myself in a movie. lol

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