Sofia Coppola comments on “The Bling Ring”

Mar 08, 2013

Posted by: Catherine


The Examiner caught up with Sofia Coppola on the red carpet. Sofia Coppola commented on her new movie, starring Emma Watson, The Bling Ring. Ms. Coppola also talked about casting Emma Watson for the role. The Bling Ring will be released June 14. The Examiner reports:

Q: We are also very excited for your latest project “The Bling Ring.” Why was that the right project for you to write and direct?

Sofia: I just thought that it was an interesting story and it felt so telling about our culture now. So I felt like it was the time for that to come out and I just think it was an exciting story and it was fun to work with a bunch of young actors.

Q: This also looks like a very different role for Emma Watson?

Sofia: Yeah, it’s really fun to see her so different. I was always surprised on set when she transformed into this other character. So think it will be really fun for audiences to see her.

We also had the opportunity to speak with the film’s cinematographer Ed Lachman. He has had an impressive career in cinematography. He has worked on Mildred Pierce, Howl, Erin Brockovich, Selena, and Mississippi Masala, to name a few.

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