J. K. Rowling Says No Harry Potter Prequel


Mar 09, 2013

Posted by Mel

J. K. Rowling appeared at the Bath Literature Festival yesterday and announced that she has no plans to write a Harry Potter prequel. Specifically, she had no plans to write a story concerning the Marauders:

Rowling, speaking at the Independent Bath Literature Festival last night, said she was not planning to return to the story of the “Marauders” ’ who attended her fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft before Harry Potter ’ because she didn’t think much of prequels. “I’m never going to say never but I have no current plans. I think prequels are not generally very successful,” she said.

Via Hypable (which can be read in full here), Rowling also mentioned:

Grindelwald never loved Dumbledore and used him.

Her next book will be aimed at 8-year-olds, but she’s still busy writing it.

You can read more about Rowling’s appearance the Festival here.

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Avatar ImagePollyC says: In the article she says of her writing habits that she can write while riding in the passenger seat of their car with three kids and a dog in the back! What a fun image of her. I do so admire this brilliant, brilliant woman, and wish I could have been in the audience at Bath (a long way from California, unfortunately).Avatar Imagelollifant says: "I think prequels are not generally very successful" That doesn't seem like something she would say, or then I hope she means that she thinks her story won't be as good as the others. Because it doesn't really matter if it's succesful or not... :( I've always been secretly hoping for a prequel, because the chances on a book about the children seems even less plausible to me. Oh well, I'll just sit here and wait for the "Scottish book"! Shhh, I know about Pottermore, I need just need some hope :)Avatar Imagelollifant says: PollyC, I didn't see the article at first, thanks. I love the last lines too "Now, juggling novel writing with three children and a husband, she said she craved the enforced solitude that the job requires. "One of my children said 'if it was us or the books?'. I said 'you, but I would be really grumpy'." :) She's so happy :)Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: What would be the point of a 'prequel' about the Marauders? We know how that story ended. Perhaps a story about some other age of the Wizarding World - such as the Era of the Founders, as some have suggested - would be good - a sort of HP Silmarillion!Avatar Imagerabbitred says: I hope she meant speciffically about the Marauders because she has hinted too many times in too many places about writing about the pre-Harry magical world. Idk, I feel kind of slapped by this, unless she did mean only the Marauders. She should never have hinted and given us hope unless she really meant to follow through because she knows how our hearts are in this world she created. :(Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I don't see already knowing the outcome as a reason not to hope for more 'meat' and detail about the Marauders. That would interest me more than going forward with the Trio's kids at Hogwarts, whose possible exploits strike me as small potatoes once the Death Eaters are broken. But there's lots of other wizarding history besides the Marauder years that would bear exploration, for sure! The Founders, as V-J suggests; the Goblin Rebellion years; the Peverells; medieval alchemists - the possibilities are endless, really.Avatar Imagemoglet says: Although it might be nice to know more about various characters I'd rather we learnt it in an encylopaedia than in a new novel. I feel that the 7 novels that make up the story of Harry Potter have a wonderful complete feeling. I'd rather see Jo write all sorts of other things, whatever interests her, she doesn't owe us anything, she created the world we love, we owe her our thanks.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I would love to read the whole story of the giant squid...Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: I think at this point, she's more likely to put additional info about characters and the HP world on Pottermore... which I don't mind. She has been saying for years that she has no plans to make more HP books, and so I have not been hoping for one or thought much about it. But that's just me, I suppose.Avatar ImagePollyC says: Every time I see your "No Sea Gulls" avatar, Won_Two, I know I'll be reading something to make me laugh!! And I do appreciate a good laugh. Really, and I mean this, you're a very clever guy. ;-)Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: First Harry Potter, then an adult novel.Now a book for eight year olds...what?Avatar Imagemoglet says: It proves that Jo is versatile, and you can't say that about all authors. @Won, very funny :-)Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: If JKR doesn't want to revisit the wizarding world herself, I would love it if she would do what Marion Zimmer Bradley did for her fandom: allow her publishers to bring out an annual volume of the very best in Potterverse fanfic, submitted in a competition. Her editors could do most of the work of wading through all the junk, then JKR herself could read the semifinalists' submissions and choose the finalists to be published. That way she would retain creative control of how her alternate world is 'officially' depicted, while diehard fans would get more to read, aspiring authors would get a shot at finding more readers and her publishers would make money. Seems to me like a win/win arrangement.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I meant to add that some of the profits could go to JKR's pet charities, like the Quidditch and Fantastic Beasts volumes.Avatar Imagebudgie says: All the best to her! Avatar Imagebudgie says: all the best to her!Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: As a mother to an almost 8 year old, I am really excited! Also, grateful knowing that my daughter who has had the first 4 books read to her, still has the HP books to read for herself and get 'lost' in this wonderfully, magic world. @Won - I would probably enjoy a book about the squid, too! :-DAvatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: A lot of great authors have come out with prequels and sequels after the fact. I don't see why JKR should be an exception, especially with her fanbase. I am with Rabbit; I am a tad bit upset. :(Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Too bad. More background on the Marauders would have been awesome. Perhaps we'll learn more about them if she ever publishes the HP "encyclopedia" that she has mentioned.Avatar ImageBernie Gellatly says: I would like to know whether she is writing another hp book I feel so left in the dark. Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I like that she says "I'm never going to say never" bc I hope she'll consider a sequel to HP in the form of their children. HP’s youngest son was so adorable. Star Wars had a pretty nice prequel but I'm not really too keen on prequels bc you know a lot of the result.

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