Third Pottermore House Cup Winner to be Revealed on Thursday


Apr 22, 2013

Posted by Mel

The Pottermore Insider has announced via Twitter that tomorrow the House Points will be concealed on Pottermore, and the new House Cup winner will be announced on Thursday, April 25th.
Currently, Slytherin is in the lead with 26,471,263 points, with Ravenclaw following in second place, Gryffindor in third, and Hufflepuff in fourth.
Good luck to every House!

11 Responses to Third Pottermore House Cup Winner to be Revealed on Thursday

Avatar ImagePollyC says: B-but, aren't the final chapters of Azkaban going to be revealed before the House Cup is awarded? Will all this happen in the next two days? As this post says, Ravenclaw is cawing at the heels of Slytherin right now. (Oh, wait... snakes don't have heels.)Avatar Imageratorr2 says: I was wondering the same thing. Pottermore usually awards the House Cup at the end of each book. Why change it? Also, how the heck did Slytherin move all the way up to first and Hufflepuff drop from first all the way to last?Avatar ImageCatherine says: What!!!??? What happened to my house? Come on Hufflepuffs!!! We've got to kick it into gear again!Avatar Imagemoglet says: The Slytherins do a lot of potion making and a lot of duellig, they're very ambitious and want to win the house cup again (we won the first one) I'm not a true Slytherin in that respect, in fact at heart I'm a Hufflepuff so I was hoping that they'd win this one, so come on Hufflepuffs!Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Hufflepuff, I am disappoint. Come on, atleast get second place!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Let's go Hufflepuffs! Get it together! Get those potions Try some dueling. Fourth place is just too grueling Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I've just brewed "Swelling Solution" (I'm too embarrassed to tell how many times I've tried) but I finally got 7 pts for Hufflepuff...But ....Will they count for this winning?Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I think it does bc it added on my 7 points to my total points. so get in there Hufflepuffs and get us out of 4th place. Avatar ImagePollyC says: @Ratorr, I was baffled to watch Hufflepuff drop to the basement so fast. We were up by 500k for several weeks; then within a couple of days, Slytherin overtook us and we seemed to be frozen. @Molly43, brewing potions takes forever! @Moglet, the house you were sorted into on PM allowed you to bypass brewing Polyjuice Potion (lucky you!) but the rest of us waited 19 hours for that potion to finish -- and there were two parts! RIDDIKULUS.Avatar Imagekamion999 says: wel nice, I'm Sorted into Slytherin, while really feeling a Ravenclaw. I can't brew a potion without blowing up 1 cauldron every 5 tries, or cast a spell without breaking my wand and the person I relate most to is Mr. Filch ( I want his job when he retires) Still Slytherin won there must be a lot of talent in that house to compensate my lack of it.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I can't even throw the stupid gnomes correctly...

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