J. K. Rowling Talks About Expanding Charity Lumos

Oct 26, 2013

Posted by: Mel

J.K. Rowling

In a new interview with Event magazine, J. K. Rowling reveals her hopes to expand her charity, Lumos, to Britain, as well as discussing some of the disturbing things she saw while visiting an institution in Eastern Europe:

JK Rowling has revealed the heartbreaking moment she almost snatched a baby from her cot in a ˜cold and frightening’ state-run so-called orphanage in Eastern Europe.

The Harry Potter author says her maternal instincts drove her to consider the unthinkable during a visit to the institution, which she claimed was more like a prison than a home.

She says: ˜I’m an emotional person. I struggle with that a lot in this kind of situation. There was one little baby, a girl, and I was standing at this cot and I just thought, “I will take her”.

˜It was irrational but that’s your human response. There was no earthly way I could take this baby home but that is your most powerful reaction. You think as a mother, “I will save this baby, this one baby”.’

You can read more, including Rowling’s discussion of how she still worries about money, here.
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