United States Postal Service to Release Harry Potter Stamp Collection


Nov 13, 2013

Posted by Mel

The United States Postal Service will be releasing a Harry Potter stamp collection on November 19th. This limited edition collection will include 20 stamps and each stamp will be a 46 cent forever stamp.
A preview of five of the stamps can be seen here.

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Avatar Image1975SE says: I love these!!!Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: w00t! Sold! :)Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: The stamps look nice, but those two women in the TV clip were really obnoxious! I wonder if the stamps will be sold at face value, or for more because they're being offered as a 'limited-edition collection.' Since I would prefer to use them for sending 'special' pieces of mail, rather than hoarding them, I'm hoping that they will not cost much more than normal stamps.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Ok I will be buying a bazillion of each of these... Never gonna use any other stamp on my mail for the rest of my life! ;+) @WeenyOwl, the P.O. never charges more than face value for postage stamps that are sold over the counter.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: @Won, if that's true, then I guess the Owlery at WWoHP doesn't count as an actual post office, because it charges more for a sheet of Owl Post stamps. Typical Warner Brothers corporate greed, I guess. Speaking of which, did everybody hear about WB threatening to sue a university (I think it was in New Hampshire) for offering a Harry Potter literature course?Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I'll be making a stop at the post office next week then. :) I have several different sheets of collectible stamps framed an on the wall of our guest room. Frank Sinatra, Star Wars, I Love Lucy, Aladdin. These will be a nice addition. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I pre-ordered 10 booklets from the P.O. online & they shipped em' on Monday via Priority mail. My local Postmaster told me to order em' online cuz the local offices were all getting a one time limited amount sent to them, & once they were gone that was it.

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