Pottermore joining PlayStation Home


Mar 18, 2013

Posted by Catherine

In April, Pottermore will be joining PlayStation Home–Sony’s online gaming component to PlayStation3. In this exciting, new version of Pottermore, players will be able to explore “well-known locations” from Harry Potter as an avatar. Users will be able to step down Diagon Alley and onto the Hogwarts Express. Gamers can participate in a number of activities including: Wizard duels, “Book Herding”, collecting trading cards, and shopping for wizard wear and companions. Players will be able to link their current Pottermore accounts to PlatStation Home using their PlayStation Network ID. With this, more interactive aspects will be accessible. Pottermore’s press release states:

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Pottermore and the development team at Sony have worked incredibly closely on this latest collaboration to ensure that the beautifully illustrated Moments on Pottermore.com were authentically transitioned into the virtual 3D gaming platform.

Charlie Redmayne, CEO of Pottermore comments: “Pottermore reaches across multiple digital platforms, and Sony’s partnership has allowed us to forge this exciting connection with PlayStation Home, creating the most immersive experience possible within that space and giving users wonderful new ways to explore locations from the Harry Potter stories. Following the successful launch of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, this is another example of the creative collaborations Pottermore is developing to bring the world of Harry Potter even more ingeniously to life.”

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Thank you to Pottermore for the notification! We cannot wait to see this advancement of Pottermore unfold.

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Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I got that in an email today....Avatar Imagemoglet says: I got an email too, I'm not interested in it but I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who will be quite excited by it. On an unrelated topic, is anyone ever going to offer and explanation and an apology for the site being unavailable for days on end? No? Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: I don't have a PS3, but that sounds fun! I hope it comes to WiiU! But I do agree with the above poster; atleast have an error message that says the servers are down, or whatever it was. Avatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: I agree with moglet. Please let us know about the 'dustings' before hand or at least put up the error message that moglet suggests... Avatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: Oops, sorry the message that Mad But happy suggests. That way we would still be, 'mad but happy'!! XDAvatar ImageCatherine says: Sorry about the dusting. The dusting is glitches in the system, that are evil and take over. we are trying to fix them, but it is difficult. It's a surprise to us too at times when the site dusts. And dusting does mean that the servers are down. Avatar Imageredtree says: Melissa keeps tweeting it is for updating. I wish we could just have the truth!! Thanks again Catherine for being honest with us. :) Avatar ImageCatherine says: I'm sorry, I was told that it was something in the system that was proving hard to fix...Avatar ImagePollyC says: The strange thing about Dusting to me is that some of us could not login (9 days for me) but could still read the articles, some of us for 5 days, yet others were never kicked off at all. When our server at work needs to update, everyone must log out. When I worked in our IT (computer) department, there were DAILY issues with spam, hacking, popups, glitches, and required system updates. After 6 months, I couldn't take all the hassles anymore and quit. Sounds as if most of us would prefer to see an explanation, rather than the cauldron and the Dusting notice?Avatar Imagemoglet says: Thanks Catherine, it's much appreciated that you've offered us an explanation.Avatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: Yes, thank-you Catherine and I agree with Polly, the message needs to be more informative than just 'dusting'. Avatar ImageCatherine says: I just got this email: "FYI guys, john and I have been making major moves on 'new leaky'." I hope this brings everyone onto the same page, and clears up some miscommunication.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Thanks Catherine, the info is greatly appreciated. I for one would be eternally grateful if that irritating "DH1 is Here!" notice would finally be retired after all this time... :+/Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I agree with Won_Two.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I agree with Won_Two. It's as if Leaky Cauldron (just at tht spot) is stuck in a time warp. Please put something HP there. Not an advertisement please.

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