“The Silkworm” Now Available

Jun 19, 2014

Posted by: Catherine


The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling’s very very close author friend, is now available in bookstores and on e-readers. The reviews for the second Cormoran Strike mystery have us biting at the bit to get our hands on this book. If you have obtained a copy of the book and/or read it, please leave your comments below. Be careful, no spoilers please, just opinions! To read reviews of The Silkworm, please visit Robert Galbraith’s website. J.K. Rowling will be making an appearance, as Robert Galbraith, at the Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival to promote The Silkworm and sign autographs. Our favorite author tweeted today:class=”content clearfix” style=”margin-left: 58px; color: #292f33; line-height: 18px;”>class=”permalink-header” style=”height: 48px; margin-bottom: 15px;”>


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It’s been a looooong writing day and it’s time to give my fingers a rest. No writer ever had more wonderful fans. Thank you X

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