UPDATE: “Our Shared Shelf,” Naming Emma Watson’s Book Club

Jan 06, 2016

Posted by: Katie Eller

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UPDATE: Emma Watson has chosen the name for her new “feminist bookclub.” She scanned through fans’ suggestions and settled on “Our Shared Shelf.” She promised more details of what this mysterious book club entails will be coming soon!


Original Article: Emma Watson is asking her Twitter followers to help her name her feminist book club.  As we reported here at Leaky, Watson has recommended several titles to fellow readers over the years.  It’s exciting to find that she’s going to share future reads on a whole new level!

There have been several creative suggestions, from “Watson Your Bookshelf” to “Read for She.”   Whatever she calls it, we really want an invitation to join!

What would you name Emma Watson’s feminist book club?  To see the suggestions and add your own, visit @EmmaWatson on Twitter.

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