Voldemort Wore Stockings with Garters Under His Cloak, says Ralph Fiennes

Jan 08, 2016

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Ralph Fiennes appeared on the Graham Norton show (below), to speak about his previous role as Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, and as the new M in the James Bond franchise.

Ralph said he’d avoided roles that required wearing prosthetics since playing Voldemort, and had some interesting costume insights for us regarding Voldemort’s wardrobe choices – some handmade stockings and  ‘fetching garters’ kept him looking elegant as ever:

“The tights would work their way down so the gusset was round my knees and I couldn’t walk as elegantly as I would like as Voldemort

“I asked the dresser to cut off the tights so for most of Harry Potter under the robes I had a very nice garter belt.” 

True to character, Ralph checks his outfit still says ‘Dark Lord’ by making a child cry. He added he “knew the look was working” after walking past the script supervisor’s five year old child and “when [he] looked at him he just burst into tears.”

Watch the interview below!

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