Behind the Scenes of “Cursed Child,” “Fantastic Beasts” and More Surprises from the HP Celebration

Jan 30, 2016

Posted by: Catherine

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Pottermore is releasing surprise after surprise from the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando. Pottermore has released a short video from behind the scenes of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


Pottermore followed this tweet with an article on their website:

Friedman said: ‘Very early on in this process, when we looked at the story outline that J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany had created, we threw them the challenge and said “Do you want to do this in two parts?”’

Jack, John and J.K. Rowling leapt at the chance, asking Friedman: ‘Can we?’ And her answer? ‘It’s Harry Potter: anything is possible.’

The venue itself is something of a London icon and a major landmark. Friedman says the theatre was the ‘obvious choice’ of venue for this unique production. ‘This theatre has incredible mystery about it,’ she says. It’s Gothic – it’s like walking into Hogwarts. It was the only theatre for us.’

In the meantime, fans can look forward to ‘lots of twists and lots of turns’ says Friedman of the production, as well as the unmistakable ‘edge-of-the-seat excitement…which you only really can get in theatre.’


Pottermore also released a video of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.



Pottermore came prepared. They know how much we love conducting in depth analysis, and already had their own ready and posted when they released the video. Some of the stills Pottermore has included in their article are prefect. Need a quick look at Queenies wand? Colin Farrell’s fancy coat? It’s there. Here is a snippet from the article about the FOUR main characters. The Pottermore article reads:


‘And this one catalyst sets in motion this sort of insane amount of events that just cause chaos. And at the core of it, is this quartet,’ says Redmayne.

Alison also has some interesting comments about the relationship between the Goldstein sisters: ‘You have two sisters, who have raised each other and have a very deep bond.’ We can’t be sure but this shot makes it look like Alison knows what Katherine is thinking. Which is entirely possible –  after all, she’s playing a Legilimens.

We got an exciting look at both sisters’ stylish 1920s costumes, and Queenie was also spotted walking up the stairs of MACUSA. Is she popping round to see Tina, or could there be another reason for Ms Goldstein’s to visit the American wizarding government HQ?

Katherine says her character Tina is ‘very soulful; she has a lot of heart and strengths and courage.’

‘The job we have to do is to make it seem natural and you kind of have to ignore your own sense of wonder watching it,’ says Waterston.

‘Jacob is back from the war and now he’s trying to get his life together and open up a bakery. He just happens into this very magical situation,’ he says. Dan also believes that Potter fans will ‘feel the nostalgia and the love they have for the movies in a whole new light.’



That’s one serious looking woman Wizarding president! Something bad must be brewing. This and more at Pottermore.


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