First Broadway Cursed Child Tickets Fly Faster Than a Firebolt

Oct 18, 2017

Posted by: Kim McChesney

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It’s been a We-Won-the-House-Cup kind of day in the Potterverse for some, and a frustrating or disappointing day for others, as fans navigated the first release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets on Broadway.

Access codes and a link to their golden ticket began arriving on mobile devices early this morning to those who had been randomly deemed the chosen ones by Ticketmaster. As the clock struck 11AM EST those lucky muggles took to the internet and began the process.

We have heard that for some, it was a easy as waving a wand to conjure their desired date, number, and seat and afterward the excitement could be heard throughout the fandom:

And this is what those lucky few saw when they reached the promised land:

Others had a little bit more difficulty procuring their prize including error messages, payment problems and various technology-related issues:

Meanwhile those who were in standby, stood by patiently and waited to see if their turn would come.

A few hours after the sale went live, the code-less crowd thought they may still have a chance, when Ticketmaster posted this message:

We hope some of those who didn’t originally receive access, eventually had the chance to spend their galleons.

By 5PM EST the first round of anxiously awaited Cursed Child tickets had disapparated. It’s no surprise that a fandom this passionate about their Potter would buy out the award-winning play’s first eight months at the Lyric Theater in a matter of hours.

To wrap up the day, the play’s New York website announced that more tickets will be released prior to the show’s previews which begin March 16, 2018. For those who weren’t lucky enough to score seats this time, get that Felix Felicis ready for round two!

Interestingly, though the play has gone to great lengths through the Verified Fan system to keep scalpers and bots from buying up tickets, at least one third party vendor is selling seats to Harry’s first trip to Broadway for as high as $6500. Only time will tell if those tickets prove to be valid at the door, but fans might think twice before robbing Gringotts to snag them.

Did you get Cursed Child tickets today? Let us know!

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