PotterCast #274: Frankie’s Offensive Irish Sounds


Dec 03, 2017

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Live from LeakyCon 2017 in Dublin, PotterCast recorded their 274th episode in front of a live audience, recounting the weekend in Dublin and discussing the future of LeakyCon!

Discussing the many wonderful attractions Ireland has to offer, John speaks of his upcoming trip to Galway, and Frankie (after sharing his impression of the Irish accent, hence the title for this episode) later shares the wonders of the Book of Kells, which is held in the same building as the The Long Room Library in Trinity College, which definitely feels like Hogwarts library.

The team also recount the Starkid performance at LeakyCon, and some of the amazing panels and discussions which happened at the con, specifically Dan Fogler’s brilliant panel and Frankie’s encounter with storyboard artist Jim Cornish. Another of the panel leaders, Neil Cicierega (cofounder of Potter Puppet Pals) joined the PotterCast panel during the episode to talk about his first show in Europe, his experience at LeakyCon 2017 and his thoughts that ‘any normal-a** person is probably a Hufflepuff’.

Before LeakyCon 2018 in Dallas SOLD OUT, PotterCast discussed the possibilities of future LeakyCons, specifically an immersive role-play experience in which guests could enrol in Hogwarts-style lessons – which lesson would you be most excited to attend?

Listen to the episode here for the full panel, which also includes a Q&A with the audience! You can also catch up on their previous episode (the Dumbledore’s Army panel at LeakyCon) here, and our coverage of Dan Fogler’s panel here.

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