In Honor of UK Mother’s Day–Thank You!


Mar 11, 2018

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“He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark.”
~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Today, we celebrate mothers of the UK, and in doing so, we also honor the mothers of our favorite book series, Harry Potter, created by literary genius J.K. Rowling. As a mother herself, she masterfully crafted a cast of female characters who demonstrated over and over the fiercest love and strength on behalf of their children.


Molly Weasley knitted jumpers, welcomed friends, sent Howlers, gave oh-so-needed hugs, and fought heroically–all to care for, guide and protect her family. She was endlessly practical, never afraid of a challenge and willing to stand her ground. And so proud. Not only did she pour this devotion into her own children, she also extended to Harry that unselfish, open-hearted love in a way he hadn’t known since his own mother last held him. It takes an incredible woman to do that.


Of course, Molly never took the place of Harry’s mother. She would not have wanted to, nor could she. Molly’s acceptance of Harry was evidence of the depth of a mother’s heart and that resonated in Harry and in Rowling’s story. Lily loved with the same kind of deep, uncompromising love, a love that drove her to willingly sacrifice herself for her son. She might have lived, had she merely stepped aside at Voldemort’s invitation. But she could not do it. She chose Harry. That’s what mothers do. In ways large and small, day in and day out, they lay down their lives for their children.


Nymphadora Tonks did no less. She may not have stood between the Dark Lord and her son in the literal sense, as Lily did, but she stood between Voldemort and a way of life, free from his evil tyranny, a life she wanted Teddy to have. Without those brave enough to fight, strong enough to believe in hope, and among them, the mothers of Harry Potter, many more would have suffered and died at the Dark Lord’s hand.


Alice Longbottom, too, tragically sacrificed herself, making the choice, as Dumbledore would later put before his students, to do what was right, rather than what was easy. Though she did not have the opportunity to raise Neville herself, the legacy that she left for him was both strengthening and instructive, giving him the example and the courage to stand up to his friends and, later, to stand up to the Death Eaters who would threaten them.


Even Narcissa, though often on the wrong side of the larger battle, put her child before herself. She risked the wrath of Voldemort, lying to him in the Forbidden Forest, to ensure that Draco would have a chance to escape the final confrontation unharmed. Though we can be critical of her methods and her motives, we cannot doubt her strength and commitment.

Rowling gave us a group of mothers to respect and revere. They were not without flaws, but no mother is–and knows it. But because they love so deeply, they persevere in spite of it, believing that the desire to do what is best makes a difference. Dumbledore spoke to Harry about this kind of love, and though for the purposes of the story he was specifically referencing Lily’s intentional sacrificial act, the point remains–love that strong leaves a mark.

Of course it does.

So to all the UK mothers in the fandom and beyond, thank you. Thank you for the legacy you have left and are leaving. Thank you for the mark you have made in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

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