New ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ Photo Hints at Sibling Rivalry Between the Scamander Brothers!

Aug 10, 2018

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly teased fans by releasing exclusive first-look photos of adorable baby Niffler beasties to promote its exciting new issue on stands today. Though the issue features images from many of the most highly-anticipated films of the fall, Potter fans are most likely to zero in on today’s new photo hinting at the complex relationship–and potential showdown–between the Scamander brothers in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

We already knew from photos previously released in the lead up to San Diego Comic Con that Leta Lestrange is set to make an early impression in the film, appearing in a Hogwarts classroom, either as an attaché to the Ministry delegation sent to confront–or appeal?–to Dumbledore or on a secretive mission of her own. Either way, Theseus Scamander, her fiancé and older brother to Newt, is involved in the assignment, setting the stage for eventual conflict.

As we have discussed, Dumbledore is determined to get Newt involved in the hunt for the fugitive Gellert Grindelwald, insisting, “It has to be you.” And, of course, the whereabouts of the elusive obscurial Credence Barebone is also a matter of concern. Therefore, the trio are bound to meet at some point, and the latest photo confirms it!

This is particularly tricky because, as we learned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Theseus is a renowned war hero, well-respected in the wizarding community, while Newt is viewed as a bit of an oddball outsider. The popularity of his newly-released book notwithstanding, sibling rivalry is a legitimate issue that may complicate the brothers’ ability to work well together on this important mission.

Not only has Theseus opted for a desk job, which the trailer’s boggart scene confirmed is Newt’s greatest fear, but he has also become engaged to the aforementioned Leta Lestrange, the former close friend, and possible young love, of his only brother.

Leaky covered Eddie Redmayne’s recent interview with Buzzfeed in which he expounded on these issues:

“It is really complicated. [Theseus] is an Auror, he’s very establishment, and Newt is kind of the antithesis of that. But what I loved, actually, was the way Jo had written their relationship. It was quite antagonistic to begin with, and it certainly is filled with complexities. I mean, his brother is engaged to this girl who he had a huge affection for growing up, so there’s obviously a real tension there. But one of the things I loved is, actually, Jo said to me seeing what Callum [Turner] was doing and how David was directing – there was a lot of love there – that she progressed the relationship as a consequence of that.”

The interesting thing to consider is where this photo takes place in the course of that development. Are we seeing the first awkward meeting between Newt and Theseus deep within the halls of the Ministry of Magic? Are we seeing a contentious clash between the two over means and methods as they navigate the task assigned to them? Or does this scene hint at a time in the storyline when Theseus, looking imploringly at a reluctant and uncertain Newt, seeks forgiveness over perceived slights and tacit permission to move forward with Leta–and to move forward as a united team with a united purpose?

What do you think of the snapshot, Potter fans? Regardless of the circumstances surrounding this particular encounter, we can’t wait to see how the Scamander brothers work it out, and all for the better!

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