RUMOR: Universal’s New Hogsmeade Attraction–Has the Forbidden Finally Been Revealed?

Feb 13, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Since Universal announced plans to dismantle the popular Wizarding World fixture the Dragon Challenge to begin construction on a new attraction in Hogsmeade, speculation over the thematic possibilities of such an endeavor have run rampant. Leaky regularly reported on progress in the Orlando theme park, discussing developments as major elements began to take shape, though never hitting on a clear vision for the ride, which seemed to be a closely guarded secret.

At one point, Leaky theorized that the stone façade looming over the landscape might be the framework for the Great Hall, leading us to suggest Universal could be leaning toward a Battle of Hogwarts theme. We also speculated that the layout would be well-suited to a recreation of the Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts grounds–and spent considerable digital ink reviewing all the major scenes from the Harry Potter series which are set in the forest to see which might be adapted for the most compelling ride.


Then Attractions Magazine revealed photos of what appeared to be the transport system, and it seemed clear that the new attraction would feature a train of motorbikes and sidecars, like the one operated by Hagrid after he assumed ownership upon Sirius Black’s removal to Azkaban.

This returned us to the proverbial drawing board, wondering whether Universal would depict a specific event featuring the magical motorbike, like the Battle of the Seven Potters, as it did with the Dragon Challenge or the Escape from Gringotts, or whether the ride would be a nostalgic tour of scenes or characters from the series as a whole like the Forbidden Journey.

The official promotional art from Universal Orlando Resort emphasized the forest and the unusual presence of Cornish pixies, leading us to stick with our original suggestion that the ride must take place on the Hogwarts grounds.


Now, according to recently-leaked concept art uncovered by Orlando Park Stop, it seems we may have been on the right track! The art, reportedly provided by an anonymous source, unveils the full scope of the attraction, rumored to be named Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure or Hagrid’s Magical Creatures.


The ride would appear to take fans on a high-speed thrilling tour through the Forbidden Forest, likely visiting all the habitats of Hagrid’s magical creatures. We could meet Fluffy the three-headed dog, Aragog the Acromantula (and his children), the secretive clan of Centaurs and many more only mentioned in J.K. Rowling’s book series.


As for the moss-covered ruins (seen above) and shown in the intricately-drawn concept art, it’s possible this is a previously-unknown location deep in the heart of the forest which fans will now get to explore. In keeping with the suggested theme, the old building may now be inhabited by some of Hagrid’s creatures. Perhaps it is a former outpost of the school no longer in use!

Or, though less likely, it’s possible Universal plans to give fans a glimpse of Hogwarts and the surrounding grounds through the eyes of muggles, since the castle is known to be protected by enchantments which make it appear as dilapidated ruins to the non-magical eye.

What do you think, Potter fans? Though this exciting reveal has not been confirmed by Universal, it is certainly an interesting lead which hits all the right notes and is well worthy of consideration.

Read the full report from Orlando Park Stop here!

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