New non-fiction eBooks from Pottermore exploring the history of magic

May 24, 2019

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Remember the recent British Library exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic?  It was curated to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK in 2017.  In 2018, it sailed across the pond to dock at the New York Historical Society to mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the United States.  The exhibit was accompanied by an eponymous book that took readers more deeply into the artefacts and lore in the exhibit, which served as inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s magical world.  Harry Potter: A History of Magic is still available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions.  There is also a version for younger readers called Harry Potter: A Journey Through The History of Magic.

A fun, interactive version of the eBook, available from iBooks, lets readers peek into a digital chest of drawers representing Hogwarts subjects, the same rubric used to organise the exhibit.  You can also zoom in on the artwork to view it more closely, and peruse a map that details where and when each artefact was found.  An audiobook followed, featuring interviews with the exhibit curators.

As cool as that is, it’s not enough for Harry Potter fans.  We want more!  And we are going to get it on June 27, when Pottermore Publishing launches a new eBook series called Harry Potter: A Journey Through….  Based on the audiobook, each of four eBook shorts will comprise a Hogwarts “lesson” on folklore and magic that inspired part of the wizarding world.  The books will feature line drawings by Rohan Daniel Eason.  Notes, manuscript pages, and sketches from the previous eBooks will also make a reappearance.

The four eBooks will be called: Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology, Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy, and Harry Potter: A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures.  The first two will be published on June 27.  You can preorder them via Amazon UK, Amazon US, Apple, or Kobo.

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