Bloomsbury Announces Date and Theme for Harry Potter Book Night 2020!

Jul 24, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Book Night has become a fan favorite event, and with today’s exciting Save-the-Date announcement that next year’s theme comes from J.K. Rowling’s epic fourth installment in the Harry Potter series, 2020 looks to be another magical celebration of the wizarding world that continues to inspire generations of readers.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire recounted Harry’s unexpected and shocking inclusion in the storied tournament of champions between three of Europe’s most renowned wizarding schools. Bound by magical law to compete, Harry went on to face three harrowing tasks, each challenge meant to test his mastery of magical skills, breadth and depth of magical knowledge, cleverness and bravery.

This tale which serves as the mid-point in Rowling’s larger story provides the perfect rousing centerpiece for Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Book Night: The Triwizard Tournament!

Fans who are familiar with the book will undoubtedly respond with enthusiasm as they look forward to reliving the tournament’s moments of high tension, spirited competition, commendable sportsmanship, thrilling success and painful defeat.

And scores of the uninitiated will, hopefully, be inspired to discover the wonder of the wizarding world–and the magic of reading!–for the first time.

Bloomsbury aims to help you make the moment memorable with their new event kit. The kit is available for libraries, book stores, schools and groups of friends. Whether you want to meet in the evening or prefer another time, the kit includes all the resources needed to create and tailor an event to all sizes, scopes and settings.

So mark your calendars for Feb. 6, 2020, register for your event kit here and start planning your own Harry Potter Book Night celebration!

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