Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Conjures 2.2.0 Game Update!

Aug 06, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Potter fans have been exploring the world created by the AR app Harry Potter: Wizards Unite all summer, discovering foundables, brewing potions, unlocking Portkeys and challenging foes, and though it got off to a slower start than expected (a bit like Hermione learning to fly a broomstick), with a few glitches along the way, those who have seriously engaged with the game from Niantic seem to be properly enchanted.

Now, the development team behind the game has announced an update that will not only add some exciting new elements, but also address some of the nagging bugs as well!

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.2.0 version will bring the following alterations, and while these updates are definitely good news for fans of the game, the announcement of fixes players can expect to see with the upload is equally exciting.


Ministry ID

Players will now be able to upload images from the gallery to the Ministry ID Portrait and decorate them with available stickers, frames and filters.

The sticker segment of the Portrait component has also been reorganized, now identified as “Recently Used,” “Featured,” Hogwarts,” “Lore” and “Wizarding World.”

Players will also be excited to see MORE Lenses, Filters and Stickers to choose from!


Players will be able to manage Ingredients directly from Potion Brewing.


The game now features an all-new Portkey destination–Honeydukes!–which unlocks with a 10km Portkey Portmanteau.


The Registry now includes a “Magical Games and Sports Family” page featuring the following new foundables: Quidditch Fan Hermione, Quidditch Fan Neville, Quidditch Fan Luna, Quidditch Fan Seamus and Gryffindor Quidditch Banner.

Players will also be able to snap AR photos with the Swooping Evil!


Ministry ID

Players will not be able to share Ministry ID or Portrait images from iPad devices.

The development team has fixed the problem with the title “Portkey Passenger” not showing up in the “Titles” section of a player’s Ministry ID even after the title has been awarded.

Wizarding Challenges

The development team has fixed the bug preventing players from acquiring XP while playing Challenges with Friends.


The development teams has addressed the problem of the Suitcase being badged when a page needs to be Prestiged.


The development team has fixed the bug which enabled Music to turn on in Portkeys even when players had disabled it in Settings.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite community page discussed these updates, fixes and other known issues, and fans can be hopeful that future game updates will also address ongoing glitches or issues!

Players are advised that it may take several hours for the update to become available on the App StoreGoogle Play or the Galaxy Store, so keep checking back to see when the 2.2.0 version has been released for download.

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