‘Hogwarts Mystery’ Adds Quidditch!

Sep 04, 2019

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Beginning today, players of Jam City’s mobile RPG game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, will be able to partake in the wizarding world’s most popular sport: Quidditch!

The new feature will be permanently available to players who have passed Year 2, Chapter 6, and will feature ongoing multi-season, multi-chapter adventures.

Featuring new original characters and parts of Hogwarts to explore and an all-new story, this is the biggest update to the game since launch in April last year!

“Quidditch is one of the most iconic parts of the Hogwarts school experience and something our players have been clamoring for,” said Michael Brozman, Sr. Director of Product at Jam City. “We’ve added in a fun and challenging new skill-based mechanic alongside some very captivating characters who are new to the world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. As a permanent fixture in the game, we couldn’t be more excited to bring this ongoing, multi-chaptered adventure to players, season after season.”

QuidditchMatch_4 QuidditchMatch_3 QuidditchField_1 QuidditchMatch_1 QuidditchMatch_2

Season 1 of the new Quidditch feature debuts today, September 4, at 1pm PST. Players will be able to participate in ‘Quidditch Friendlies’ to build their flying skills, and will be able to take on new challenges to learn specific moves (such as Parkin’s Pincer or a Quaffle pass) and master the art of the different Quidditch positions: Chaster, Beater, Keeper and Seeker!

Be prepared, though – your character will have to use their skills in Quidditch Cup Matches to help take their team – and Hogwarts house – to victory. We all know how seriously Hogwarts students take their Quidditch games, so don’t get on the wrong side of the Quidditch superfans of Hogwarts!

The good news is, good performance will earn prizes, such as brooms, House-themed face paint and special Quidditch uniforms!

Get ready to tryout for your House’s team – download the game and find out more here!

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