NYCC 2019 Recap: Panels for ‘Cursed Child’ and Rupert Grint’s ‘Servant’ Plus Loads of Magical Merch!

Oct 04, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Welcome to Leaky’s recap of the opening days of New York Comic Con, Potter fans!

NYCC 2019 got off to a bit of a slow start on Thursday, Oct. 3 with huge crowds and some rainy weather, but none of that deterred the throngs of devoted fans, including Leaky correspondent Gianfranco Lentini. Protected by house robes and armed with an abundance of magical enthusiasm, he wove his way through each entry obstacle like a Triwizard contender and headed straight for the convention floor!

Thanks to his extensive onsite coverage of booths and panels, we’ve put together a recap of the day’s events and announcements for the fandom members who couldn’t make it.

His first stop was the Cursed Child booth (#1736), where fans can view a display model of the Christine Jone’s set, hear the production’s soundtrack playing in the background, peruse and purchase Cursed Child merch, pick up an exclusive NYCC poster, and pick up tickets to the show. There’s also an “Owl hunt”: Be on the lookout for a hidden owl keychain on the show floor. Whoever finds it gets a free pair of tickets to the show, and there will be one owl hunt per day!

Gianfranco also ran into Bubba Weiler (Scorpius Malfoy), which ramped up our excitement ahead of the Cursed Child panel. 

But before heading straight there, Gianfranco stopped off at the Insight Editions booth (#1946) and discovered some incredible wizarding merch! 

The tiny popup books especially caught our attention. They are so perfect ‘as is’ you won’t need to use the engorgio charm, no matter how well practiced. So enthralling were the Potter products, it was hard to pull away, but Gianfranco had a panel to attend, so he took tore through the crowd like the trio dodging trees and Snatchers!

It was an anxious wait, but as soon as Harry Potter star James Snyder took the stage, we knew we were in for a magical meetup with the cast. They might be “up to no good,” but it was a very good thing to be along for the ride!

The panel then kicked off with some comments from the movement director and movement captain about their minimalist approach and “cloakography,” as well as a performance of the “Wand Dance” by Cursed Child cast.

When the primary cast joined Snyder on stage, they began to field questions about their characters and personal experiences.

The panel then drew to a close following some final moving reflections from Snyder about the heart of the play and what it’s meant to him as a father.

(We’re not crying…are you crying?) After recovering our composure, and with some time to kill before the evening panel for Rupert Grint’s Servant, Gianfranco returned to the convention floor to continue his tour of the booths.

He stopped by the Hallmark booth (#1920), which featured Popminded Hallmark ornaments, an exclusive itty-bitty Professor Trelawney, as well as a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released itty-bitty Nearly Headless Nick, an amazing Hogwarts Christmas tree topper, “storytellers” interactive ornaments and other magical merch!

Next, he hit up a string of publishing companies, starting with the Harper Collins booth, which had a full slate of MinaLima illustrated classics on display!

From there Gianfranco toured the Hachette US booth, spotting J.K. Rowling’s latest Robert Galbraith entry, Lethal White.

At the Running Press booth (#2218), he discovered some incredible collectible items, including a coaster book set and a Dark Arts collector’s set.

The NewYorkPuzzleCo booth (#2309) was selling some exciting new Potter-themed games. From a 36-piece matching memory game to a 1,000-piece puzzle, they had something for everyone!

And did you know Jelly Beans aren’t just for eating? Gianfranco discovered a work of art in the making, and it was a sweet sight to behold.

No shame for those who actually want to eat the sweets though–Jelly Belly’s booth (#436) is your candy trolley! And hopefully, they’ll be restocked with Chocolate Frogs by tomorrow!

After satisfying our sweet tooth, it was time for the panel on Rupert Grint’s upcoming series from M. Night Shyamalan, Servant.

Shyamalan, speaking to moderator Josh Horowitz, went on to rave about Grint’s performance and announce the November premiere.

Shyamalan unveiled an exclusive teaser trailer, which won’t air to the public for another two weeks. Take our word for it though–it’s chillingly creepy. And then, finally, Rupert Grint took the stage!

The director also revealed the serendipitous first meeting with the young actor on the set of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a film with its own dark twists.

Horowitz then turned the conversation to Grint himself, asking about his experience with genre projects and new character Julian. 

Before we could chime in “Weasley is our King,” the panel was over! 

And though we didn’t make it to The King’s Man panel, our extendable ears picked up the news that Ralph Fiennes was in attendance promoting the Kingsman series prequel. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fiennes told the crowd:

“I enjoyed the first Kingsman films, and very much respected the clever balance of relationship and action that Matthew established…I thought it was an unusual and original spin on the British spy theme. I was flattered and delighted when Matthew [Vaughn] proposed this prequel to the story. I hope that, when you see the film, you will see there is a richness to the way that the Kingsmen intelligence agency started.”

Leaky correspondent Gianfranco Lentini then returned to the convention center mid-morning on Friday, Oct. 4 and managed to track down Cursed Child’s James Snyder for an interview! Gianfranco was sporting some fantastic cosplay, making it a meeting between two of the wizarding greats, and Snyder delivered some truly great responses.

Asked about his dream collaboration, Snyder chose Alan Rickman. (And who wouldn’t? The man was an icon in the role of Severus Snape.) As to where he hopes the Cursed Child production expands next, Snyder suggested Japan! But because we’re all about staying grounded, Gianfranco wrapped up the brief interlude asking what Snyder, now star of a Tony award-winning play, would see in the Mirror of Erised. He replied that he would most desire to be with his family. (He’s practically Harry, you guys.)

Following that delightful conversation, we sought out other cosplayers, and they were most definitely on their game. In fact, we’d like to know who was selling the Polyjuice Potion and where we can procure a bottle!

And with those happy encounters rounding out our day, Leaky signs off its Potter coverage of New York Comic Con 2019. It’s wonderful to know that magic, and magical people, are still part of a thriving wizarding fandom that feels like a very small world indeed!

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