Reducio! Utah Fan Creates Magical Scale Model of the Wizarding World!

Nov 12, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Imagine having access to your favorite wizarding world settings–from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley, the Burrow and Hogwarts!–any time you liked. Tony Rigby has worked a bit of his own magic in this regard, and with no need for Floo Powder or Portkey.

He and his family can peruse the streets and courtyards to their hearts’ content simply by spending some time with his models. At 1/87th scale, they stroll with their eyes rather than their feet but, as Rigby’s children have already discovered, there are plenty of surprises to find along the way!

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According to the Independent, Rigby began the project about a year ago, beginning with Hagrid’s Hut. He then proceeded to create a miniature replica of the Forbidden Forest, as well as the Burrow, Hogsmeade, a quidditch pitch, Hogwarts castle, the Whomping Willow and Diagon Alley. He hopes to construct 4 Privet Drive and Platform 9 3/4 next.


The self-taught modeler uses a combination of 3D printing, cardboard, balsa wood, clay and paint. He prides himself on including figures of beloved characters, such as Hagrid, Harry, Ron and Hermione, and other memorable details, scouring the books in preparation. Rigby has also made Buckbeak, Dobby, garden gnomes, the enchanted Ford Anglia and numerous witches and wizards to flesh out the world.

Though the hobby started on a whim and may, admittedly, be the product of a “mid-life crisis,” Rigby says it has brought him immeasurable joy over the last year. Before he began the daunting project, he felt somewhat unfulfilled, acknowledging:

“I wasn’t as upbeat about life – everyone has good days and bad days. I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I wasn’t finding as much fulfilment in life as I wanted…Some people buy a Corvette – and some people just make a Harry Potter world in their living room. I’m the latter.” 

He’s now sold the living room sofa and taken over the spare bedroom. (But who needs one of those? Dudley certainly didn’t…) It’s likely a small price to pay for the daily dose of magic it brings to the household!


Of all the locales he’s modeled so far, Rigby says Diagon Alley is his favorite, observing:

“My favourite area to make has been Diagon Alley because it took so much effort, more than anything else…With great effort usually comes great reward.”

Diagon Alley is certainly a choice destination. As Harry’s introduction to the wizarding world and the site of all magical essentials, it’s as much a portal for the reader, and the viewer, as it was for him! No wonder Rigby is so proud of the intricate work he’s done.

J.K. Rowling’s books invited us in, but there’s no limit to where our imaginations may take us from there. Take a cue from Tony Rigby–it might just take you home.

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