Domnhall Gleeson Talks New Rom-Com Thriller ‘Run’ and His Famous Father

Apr 16, 2020

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Domnhall Gleeson has been highly sought after the last few years, appearing in the final Star Wars trilogy and two Peter Rabbit films–all after a noteworthy turn in the final installment of the Harry Potter series as the ginger-haired Bill Weasley. Hitting his stride professionally, he seems at home in film, not typically pursuing roles in television. But now, he stars in the rom-com thriller Run from HBO alongside Merritt Wever and sat down with The Guardian to discuss the new series.

Of course, “sat down with” is applied loosely in this case, since Gleeson is quarantined in his Ireland home and spoke to The Guardian by phone. He admitted to finding himself in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, inside-out, to be specific. Though a bit awkward, it sounds like the plot of Run has the built-in potential to be even more so for its main characters. The Guardian describes the show as follows:

“Gleeson and Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie, Godless) play exes with an escape plan from the new lives they have created since their breakup. On receiving a one-word text, both know a time and location at which to meet. From there they attempt to rekindle their love affair. That is, if the other decides to show up.”


Such a scenario could easily go right–or oh-so wrong. It also happens to be the sort of role Gleeson slips into with ease. It probably helps, too, that he and Wever reportedly have excellent onscreen chemistry, something he tends not to dwell on, musing:

“ ‘It’s a funny thing when people talk about chemistry and worrying about it. I’ve never thought: “Oh s***, I wonder if I’ll have good chemistry with X person.’ He reckons if you work hard and try to be generous – as long as your partner has some talent – the rest looks after itself.”

On top of that, he’s working with creator and writer Vicky Jones–of Fleabag fame–and her collaborator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. His famous father, Brendan Gleeson, is available for advice when needed, too.


Gleeson also starred in the Harry Potter series, taking on the role of the eccentric auror Mad-Eye Moody, and the two shared the set during the Battle of the Seven Potters scene. For some it would be off-putting to work in the same industry, let alone on the same set, but the son does not seem daunted by his father’s legacy. He said:

“There’s no way in which he is a hindrance. I was aware, when I’d turn up on stuff, that there’d be a certain amount of: ‘Maybe he got the job because of who is dad is,’ or whatever. But it’s hard to make a film or a play happen, and if anyone has spent money on anything they’re not going to hire someone who can’t do the job just because they know your dad.”

According to the interview, Gleeson has more projects lined up, including a play later this year, but he declined to share details in case the production does not move forward. He is hopeful that the film and theatre industries will thrive again one day soon, reflecting:

I’m just hoping and trusting that people will still want to go to the theatre on the far side of this…That there is another side…We have to be responsible now, but we’ll get back to those things. We’ll want to experience stories; to laugh and cry together.”

For now, you can experience the thrill of Run, with all the laughter and tears it may have to offer, at home on Sky Comedy and NOW TV, and for full coverage of The Guardian interview with Domnhall Gleeson, read here.

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