The final chapter of “Philosopher’s Stone” is narrated by…

Jul 17, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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us! Well, not you or me personally, but Wizarding World invited us fans—families that love the Harry Potter series—to read the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the Harry Potter at Home project.

Chapter 17, “The Man with Two Faces,” is read by three families: The Patel family from London, the Gaffney family from Brooklyn, and the McKenna family from Belfast, with a surprise cameo at the end.

The Patels have enjoyed reading the books many times: ‘Harry Potter is a world of ingenuity and adventure – to be able to share the stories as a family time and again (we have read the books so many times now and watched the movies innumerable times), is invaluable – the stories never get old and its lovely to see the children feel like they can really relate to the stories and find inspiration within them to be bold and adventurous and to always expect the unexpected.’

Harry’s story stimulates the imagination of the Gaffneys and their two children, and reminds them of the value of friends: ‘For Team Gaffney, Potter conveys that living a full life is truly accessible through choice and the power of imagination!’ the family said. ‘We see within the characters the importance of acknowledging and embracing one another’s diverse gifts. Finally, we should always remember that through life’s ups & downs that you will always have the support and love of good friends & family.’

Quality family time together is a benefit of enjoying the Harry Potter series for the McKennas: ‘With very busy lives, reading together was not a priority but Harry Potter has changed that and brought us back together! Harry Potter means adventure, imagination, a world of magic and a love of reading!’

As for previous chapters, there is both a final Chapter Challenge and a Quiz. If this was your first time reading Harry Potter (if so, welcome!), were you surprised it was Quirrell trying to get the Stone instead of Snape?

If you haven’t watched and listened to all of the chapters yet (or if you want to do so again), you can find them at the Chapter Hub.

This has been fun!! Who would you have liked to see narrate? Would you like Wizarding World to continue this pandemic home video narration series with Chamber of Secrets?

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