Happee Birthdae Harry: 31 Gifts To Celebrate The Boy Who Lived

Jul 31, 2020

Posted by: Victoria Tomis

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“These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has perhaps faced no greater threat than it does today.” When former Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour uttered these words in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, none of us could imagine how true they would ring in 2020. But with that darkness, comes the light. 

29 years ago the bushy-bearded, towering half-giant and Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts, Hagrid stormed the shack perched upon a rock and stranded in a wild sea to tell young orphaned Harry with his untidy black hair and his lightning bolt scar, “Yer a wizard, Harry.” 

The heroic Gryffindor celebrates his fortieth birthday today, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate The Boy Who Lived. In honor of the fierce friendships Harry forged, we proudly present to you 31 fan-made Harry Potter gifts. Treat your Wizarding World-loving besties or yourself to some of these magical items crafted by independent artists in the vibrant and diverse Potterhead community!

And, remember to donate to the Fandom Fundraiser, which Leaky is proud to be a part of, and purchase magical trans-themed items. All proceeds go to Lambda Legal, the Marsha P Johnson Institute and the Trans Justice Funding Project! Find out more here.

Happee Birthdae Harry!

1. Butterbeer Soap by Thestral Soaps

Cracking open some butterbeer is one of the best ways we can think to start the Harry Potter birthday festivities! This handcrafted artisanal soap from Thestral Soaps smells like Butter Beer and cozy fall spices with a hint of pumpkin.

2. Happee Birthdae Harry Pin by Kelly Lou 

This ultra collectible enamel pin features Harry’s first birthday cake and plenty of glitter. Hagrid might of sat on it at some point but we reckon this pin will be a spectacular addition to any jean jacket, hat, tote, or whatever else you chose to rock it on.

3. Rubeus Hagrid Sticker Set by Snaggleshop

Hagrid the creature-loving, friendly half-giant is one of Harry’s best friends. This quirky sticker set features Hagrid along with some of his most iconic items: a plate of his infamous rock cakes, his pink umbrella with his wand pieces, and the kettle for tea he always has on when Harry visits his hut! 

4. Wizarding Houses Loose Leaf Teas by Literary Tea Company

These Hogwarts House inspired handcrafted brews come in small and large tins with beautiful artwork depicting each of the four Houses. The Gryffindor House blend features the roaring lion mascot on both size tins and a caffeine-free tea blend that includes freeze-dried strawberries, elderberries, orange peel, rosehips, hibiscus, and dried apple. 

5. Crochet Snowy Owl by BumbleandBeCo on Etsy

The feisty, affectionate, and resourceful snowy owl Hedwig may have started off as Harry’s 11th birthday present from Hagrid but she’d go on to become a friend for life. Hedwig helped Harry stay connected with the wizarding world when he was stuck with the Dursleys and cheered him up when those vile Muggles got him down! Adopt your own snowy owl companion with this adorable handmade crochet creation from BumbleandBeCo. Each owl is lovingly made to order and comes with an adoption certificate with their name and story!

6. Floo Powder Collectible Glass Jar by Magical Maintenance

Function and fashion collide in this stylish jar of glittery green Floo Powder. Just try not choke on any hot fireplace ash and go careening into Borgin and Burkes.

7. Yer A Wizard! Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Pin by Kelly Lou

Hagrid was the first person to share Harry’s hush hush magical lineage with him. This cheeky pin combines Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter with Hagrid’s iconic drop-the-mic reveal.

8. Happee Birthdae Harry Bathbomb by Lovegood Bath Potions

These vegan bath bombs are inspired by Harry’s first birthday cake and smell like delicious chocolate cake with strawberry frosting! They’re crafted with avocado oil to really treat your skin to extra softness and moisture, with epson salts for bubbles! Lovegood Bath Potions also has an insurance policy. If for any reason when the bath bombs reach you by owl post if there’s any damage Lovegood Bath Potions will send you a new bath bomb free of charge.  

9. Halloween at Hogwarts Mug by Gillywick Goods

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending Halloween at Hogwarts? The annual Halloween Feast is a spectacle of spooky and insanely delicious fun. The Great Hall is festooned with black and orange streamers, gigantic carved pumpkins glow, and sweet treats fill every table. This mug recreates those Halloween festivities. Fill it with some ice cold pumpkin juice for some max Halloween at Hogwarts vibes.

10. Gryffindor Striped Beanie by Allie Knits Things

Knitted from acrylic this Gryffindor-inspired striped beanie is perfect for those long snowy treks to Hogsmeade. Vegans and cruelty-free shoppers will love that there’s no wool in this cozy hat!

11. Golden Snitch Earrings by RoyaumeDesperles

Talk about Quidditch chic! These super cute earrings feature dangling golden snitches and are just the right amount of adorkable to wear anywhere from Muggle workplaces, to wizard rock concerts. In the world of fanmade Potterish jewelery these golden snitch earrings are definitely a Keeper.

12. Divination Class Grim Tea Cup by Legendary Letters 

“The Grim, my dear, the Grim! The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! My dear boy, it is an omen — the worst omen — of death!” Oh Trelawney. Harry can always rely on his Divination professor for dramatic declarations of impending doom and death. This hand-decorated teacup features the Grim pattern Harry’s tea leaves notoriously made in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

13. Courageous Gryffindor Lion Shirt by Literary Emporium 

Go go Gryffindor! Go go Gryffindor! This fierce Gryffindor tee is just the thing to wear after a victorious Quidditch match. Or if you just can’t stop roaring about the greatness of your House, that’s cool too!

14. Ollivanders Wand Shop Crimson Racerback Tank by Flip Your Lid Co

Ollivanders Wand Shop is one of the most memorable locations in the Harry Potter series. This racerback tank is designed by an independent artist and shows off the elegance of the esteemed wandmaker. This design also comes in a unisex heathered maroon tee and a gray unisex crew pullover. 

15. Gryffindor + Hermione Stickers by Milvilla

Who would Harry be without his BFF Hermione? The brightest witch of her age.

16. Marauder’s Map Handmade Skirt by OSoDarling

I solemnly swear I am up to wearing some seriously badass fanmade Potter fashion! This skater skirt style Marauder’s Map print dress is a magical statement making piece to elevate any Potterhead wardrobe from the muggle mundane.

17. Gryffindor Gemstone Bracelet by Swish and Flique 

Why should Rowena Ravenclaw and her horcruxed diadem have all the accessory fun? This little bit of Gryffindor bling features crimson and shimmery tiger’s eye beads and a dangling lion charm for max House pride.

18. Harry Potter Glasses and Lightning Bolt Necklace by BusayaBeadStore

This handcrafted silvery necklace features Harry’s signature round glasses and lighting bolt scar. It’s just the right amount of adorkable to express your Potterhead pride anywhere you go.

19. Help Will Always Be Given At Hogwarts Pin by Swish and Flick Co.

This jawdropping enamel pin from Swish and Flick Co. is inspired by Harry’s battle against Tom Riddle and Salazar Slytherin’s basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets. Built around the famous Dumbledore quote: Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it this stunning pin features Fawkes the Phoenix, the Sorting Hat, and the Sword of Gryffindor.

20. Owls and Wizardry Tee by Vincent Trinidad on Threadless

This independent artist-made tee beautifully depicts the most magical elements of Harry Potter’s adventures.

21. Leaky Cauldron Notebook by MindSparkCreative

A Leaky Cauldron notebook? Well, before you go calling us out for being riddikulus you just have to take a moment to really admire the detail that the independent artist put into this design. This one-of-a-kind design could also be printed onto stickers, mugs, and tees!

22. The Burrow Loose Leaf Tea by Becca’s Little Boutique on Etsy

Hand blended from the highest quality teas and spices, this Burrow-inspired black tea features accents of warm spices and caramel. If you’ve ever envied Harry’s various trips to the Burrow now you can brew up some of this Weasley inspired tea to imagine you’re right there with him!

23. Happee Birthdae Harry and Platform 9 ¾s Keychain by BellaStudioByJ

Even if you’re not Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts you can never go wrong with an awesome keychain! This one takes Harry’s first birthday cake and the logo of platform 9 and 3/4s so you can carry a little wizarding world magic with you wherever you go.

24. Butterbeer Candle by Leaky Cauldron Candles on Etsy

Miss those luxurious baths in the Prefects Bathroom at Hogwarts? This Harry Potter bath set is the next best thing. Entirely handcrafted and vegan these magical products include a House inspired bath bomb (Gryffindor’s features pumpkin, baked apple, and ginger streusel with warm autumn spices), a sweet Amortentia-inspired body wash, a bar of pumpkin juice soap, a vial of Polyjuice Potion-inspired bath salts, and a Butter Beer scented sugar scrub.

25. Make Love Not Horcruxes Vinyl Sticker by Swish and Flick Co.

This statement making sticker makes a killer addition to laptops, phone cases, reusable water bottles, or wherever you choose to rock your stickers.

26. The Castle Collection Candles by Reading Room Candle Co 

This trio of hand-poured soy wax candles are inspired by some of the most iconic places at Hogwarts: Potions Class, Divination Class, and the Headmaster’s Office. Potions Class features an alluring smoky incense scent, while Divination Class smells like tea leaves with a hint of pomengrante, and the Headmaster’s Office smells like pear candy, parchment, and the muskiness of an old library.

27. Quality Quidditch Supplies Tote Bag by MindSparkCreative

Using cloth bags instead of single-use plastic is its own kind of magic! Why leave living eco-friendly up to the muggles? Next time you floo powder your way to Diagon Alley take one of these Quality Quidditch Supplies-inspired tote bags with you. They come in three sizes, but we won’t say anything if you happen to cast an undetectable extension charm onto your bag….but you didn’t hear that from us.

28. The Third Book Of Magic Tee by Dandingeroz on Threadless 

Celebrate all the wonder, mystery, and werewolves of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with this dazzling tee.

29. Wizard and Creature Liberation Tee by The Protego Foundation 

Why limit creature rights to just house elves? S.P.E.W. founder Hermione Granger would without a doubt be all about the Protego Foundation’s mission to fight for animal rights in the Muggle world, and for all the fantastic beasts in the wizarding world. All proceeds from this unisex tee go towards the Protego Foundation’s campaigns. 

30. Tom Riddle’s Diary by AccioStudio

Handcrafted to resemble Tom Riddle’s diary from the Chamber of Secrets film, this faux-leather diary features a replica of the handwritten conversation between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and can be personalized. Basilisk fang not included. Exercise caution so as to not be possessed by you-know-who. 

31. Potions Class Inspired Teas by Literary Tea Company

This set of four tea blends comes packaged in individual glass vials and include Felix Felicis, Dragon Blood, Phoenix Tears, and Wolfsbane. The Felix Felicis blend includes Sri Lankan black tea, licorice, elderflower, heather, and vanilla pieces. The Dragon Blood blend is an herbal caffeine-free blend of elderberries, apple pieces, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, sea buckthorn berries, blackberries, and strawberries. Phoenix Tears is a blend of South Africa Rooibos with calendula petals and sweet caramel. And the Wolfsbane tea takes Japanese Sencha and accents it with sea buckthorn, lemon verbena, spearmint, and cornflowers.

The Leaky Cauldron is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any of the individuals or companies associated with producing and publishing Harry Potter books and films.