Fan Profile: Jennifer Sanders

Nov 08, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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As the second in our new fan profile feature, we interviewed the delightful Ravenclaw Jennifer Sanders (She/Her).

Jennifer’s Instagram channel is a celebration of being a fan, and there’s nothing we love more than that! Her Patronus is a dolphin, and she’s also a huge Disney fan. Read on, and we hope you love her story as much as we did!

1. How did you get involved in the Harry Potter fandom? 

It all started about 7 years ago when my now fiancé dared me to watch all of the Harry Potter films, for the first time, back to back! Needless to say, I was hooked. I took the original Sorting Quiz, (which had way more questions btw) and was sorted into Ravenclaw. It was perfect, I love being a Ravenclaw.  And for the record, our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb. And were not just “bookworms”, were super creative and funny too! But I will say, the first wand I bought was Hermione’s because it was the prettiest. I have now since DIY’d my own wand.

Fast forward to problematic 2020, when Angelique (@angeliquemagique) invited me to join a Harry Potter Bookclub! But not just any bookclub, one filled with Harry Potter fans that look like me, I was finally home. We meet every Sunday on Zoom and discuss the assigned chapters. Currently we’re on book 5, Order of the Phoenix. We literally talk for hours and get into some intense conversations, its awesome.  We even host DIY workshops like Wand-Making, Potions and I even taught a Broom-Making class.

We also created our own fan-fic characters with backstories. You can read about my character Tourmaline Frost and her wand on my page. This bookclub is overflowing with creativity and has been so inspiring and has really helped me get through 2020. I love my bookclub fam, its my favorite part of Harry Potter fandom! 

Ps. Harry Potter belongs to the fans. Regardless of who you are, the fans accept and welcome you with open arms!

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I present to you Tourmaline’s wand! Read below to learn all about it’s magical properties, attainment and meaning! (DIY) #backtohogwarts #fanfiction Made of golden brown, African Pearwood and comes from the surrounding forests of the Mountains of the Moon, which is where Uagadou is located. These magical mountains are so tall, its peaks are permanently snow-capped and the surrounding rivers lead to the Nile. Pearwood wands produce a rich magical power that best suits witches and wizards that are warm hearted and wise, never dark. Its one of the most resilient woods so it remains unblemished even if its very old. It has a Unicorn hair core that comes from a mystical breed of black unicorn that roams the deep forest and only presents itself when called upon by a high priestess. It is 9” long and the number 9 represents kindness, wisdom, acceptance and compassion. It all starts with a rite of passage called “Kama Kwa Uchawi ”, which in swahili means “As if by magic”. So when a witch or wizard is ready to attend a school of magic, they participate in this sacred ceremony, where they have to complete one task which is to pick a branch that will become their wand. But its not a branch from just any tree, it has to be from an ancient tree deep in the forest of The Mountains of the Moon. This tree is called the Nakayima tree or the “Tree of Mystery”. Its said that a powerful priestess, in an attempt to give herself immortality, alchemized herself into a giant everlasting pearwood tree! The Tree of Mystery is known to have supernatural powers of healing, fertility and good health. Its sweet and aromatic sap is saffron colored and has magical properties suspiciously similar to what we now know to be, the Elixir of Life, eg. the Philosophers Stone. White tip represents the snow-capped Mountains of the Moon. (Mind) The moss represents the forest floor. The blue ribbon represents the Nile River. (Body) The crystal represents the stars in the sky. (Soul) #backtohogwartsweek #masterfulmagicalminorities #hogwarts #hogwartshouses #ravenclaw #ravenclawpride #wizardingworldofharrypotter #wizardingworld #harrypotter #potterhead #fanfic #diywands #backtohogwarts

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2. Tell us about your cosplaying?  

Believe it or not, I had never cosplayed [before creating Tourmaline]. I barely even bounded until recently. But I’m a huge fan now and plan on doing it a lot more! 

3. Where did the idea for your recent series of Harry Potter cosplays come from? 

Bookclub! Two of my favorite witches, Adriana (@bibbidibobbidi_broke) and La’Tasha (@gaw3000) created a bound challenge called Wizarding Through The Decades, where you rep your house, but with a twist. This was my first time ever cosplaying Harry Potter characters and I had so much fun creating wizarding looks from the 50’s, 70’s and 90’s. I think we might need a round two! 

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Give me, Moaning Myrtle, but make it 50’s retro fashun! ????? Day 1 of #wizardingthroughthedecades hosted by: @bibbidibobbidi_broke @gaw3000 Myrtle Warren was a little firecracker born in 1929 and if she would have lived, she def would have donned a rockabilly style, which inspired this casual retro look! Watch out for the basilisk!? And for some extra style, I created these magical backgrounds inspired by the cinematic movie posters of Harry Potter!????? Gingham top- thrifted High wasted jeans- Walmart Wedges- thrifted Bandana- Walmart Glasses- Amazon Wand-DIY • • • • • #harrypotter #moaningmyrtle #wizardingworld #wizardingworldofharrypotter #backtohogwarts #hogwarts #wandsready #retro #50s #rockabillystyle #rockabilly #ravenclaw #ravenclawpride #contentcreator #explorepage #masterfulmagicalminorities

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4. Which is your favourite in your cosplay series? 

Hands down my fave was “Luna Does Disco”! The 70’s was the decade I was looking forward to the most, so of course I had to whip up something extra just for Luna. The tinsel jacket was diy and took way to long to make, but it was perfect for quirky Luna! But also, the 90s inspired a whole other mashup, which was Clueless meets Harry Potter. I was picked to do Amber, but as a Ravenclaw and “Amber Hates Herbology” was born, thanks to the creative genius, Kat (@kathleezzzy).

Check out the hashtags: #wizardingthroughthedecades and #cluelessathogwarts to see all of the amazing looks! 

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Giving u, Luna Lovegood, but make it 70’s disco fashun! ???? Day 2 of #wizardingthroughthedecades hosted by: @bibbidibobbidi_broke @gaw3000 When it comes to Ravenclaws, Luna is an icon! She has a quirky style thats always fun and full of color! She’s not afraid to express herself thru fashion. Yule ball who?! Luna’s definitely headed to the disco! Tinsel jacket- DIY Silver top- thrifted Black skirt- thrift flip Rhinestone fishnets- Amazon Platforms- thrift flip Spectrespecs- Amazon Disco ball tumbler- CVS Wand- DIY • • • • • #harrypotter #wandsready #wizardingworld #wizardingworldofharrypotter #backtohogwarts #hogwarts #lunalovegood #quibbler #spectrespecs #disco #cosplay #ravenclaw #ravenclawpride #diy #discoball #nargles #thestral #dumbledoresarmy #deathlyhallows #contentcreator #explorepage #masterfulmagicalminorities

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5. What’s your favourite memory you associate with the Harry Potter series / the fandom? 

It would definitely have to be going around the brick wall into Diagon Alley for the first time. With all of the pops of color and the dragon on top of Gringotts breathing fire, I totally lost it! I cried so many happy tears that day. It was so emotional and to be there with my fiancé just sent me over the moon. From Honeydukes to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, I wanted to eat and buy everything! 

6. Do you have any recommendations for fans of Disney and Harry Potter? (For example, other fan creators / films / fanfic / other book series / podcasts?)

Awesome Harry Potter/Disney accounts:

Other fantasy recommendations:  

  • Beautiful Creatures (Books/Movie)
  • A Discovery Of Witches (Books/TV series)
  • The Magicians (Books/TV series)
  • His Dark Materials (TV series)
  • Lovecraft Country (TV series)

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