LEGO Monster Book of Monsters chomps onto your holiday gift list

Dec 08, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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I used to wonder, every time I heard about a new Harry Potter-themed LEGO set, how they were going to represent that particular magical artefact in brightly coloured interlocking hard plastic. Now, I no longer wonder. I have come to accept that there is, quite literally, nothing that can’t be made out of LEGOs. LEGO Hedwig? Done. LEGO Niffler? Ditto. Pygmy Puff? I bet they could manage it. Smoke from a dragon’s nostrils? They’d find a way.

LEGO Hedwig
LEGO Niffler

The latest addition to the Harry Potter LEGO line is the Monster Book of Monsters. Somehow a book that tries to eat you seems the right addition to make in 2020. I suggest the Whomping Willow for their next choice—Oh, right, they’ve already done that.

LEGO Whomping Willow

What about Aragog? Big, hairy spider, that would be challenging. No, they’ve done him too:

LEGO Aragog

The LEGO Monster Book of Monsters has jaws that chomp, with Rocky Horror-esque red lips and white fanged teeth.

LEGO Monster Book of Monsters jaw action

The eyes and title are stickers, which are included, that you stick onto the cover yourself. There is also included, for some reason, a LEGO minifigure of Draco Malfoy.

LEGO Monster Book of Monsters cover

Unfortunately, you can’t simply add this LEGO set to your list for Santa nor buy it as a gift because it isn’t for sale, at least not in the United States. So far, it is showing up as a gift-with-purchase for buyers of Harry Potter LEGO sets at a LEGOLAND in Shanghai. But, according to Brick Fanatics, it was recently spotted for sale for $30 at a LEGOLAND in Atlanta, so distribution may be widening. Let us know if you spot any more in the wild, and we will do the same.

UPDATE: Thanks again to Brick Fanatics, we have learned that the 320-piece Monster Book of Monsters set will be free with qualifying Harry Potter LEGO purchases of $75 or more from Barnes & Noble.

LEGO Monster Book of Monsters box

Four new sets will be released in January, highlighting classes at Hogwarts: Charms, Herbology (with earmuffs!), Potions, and Transfiguration. Clearly, I don’t work in retail, because the logic of releasing them right after the holiday season makes no sense to me.

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