Black Girls Create & Wizards In Space Magazine Collaborate To Publish Anthology Celebrating Magic & Community!

Dec 12, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Wizards In Space Magazine have been publishing wonderful collections of poetry, art and short stories for years now, and they’ve recently announced an exciting collaboration with Black Girls Create to publish an anthology of stories and poetry by Black writers, celebrating magic and community!

The submission criteria asks for content by Black writers, including people “from both the African continent and the diaspora, mixed and multiracial, and of any gender identity or orientation”.

Submissions are being accepted until December 31, and are calling for stories that harness the power of “community magic”, and we’re dropping the entire theme description here because it’s too good:

“We know that the trope of the Chosen One doesn’t actually work in real life. There is no one savior who will shield us all. But together? We can fight. We can plan. We can build. As Black people, magic is woven into our very essence. It’s in our music, our hair, our influence on culture. Our stories. What if we could harness that magic? Well, that’s what we’re here to do. 

So, we want to see fantastical stories that show us your community magic. Show us your magical girl gang; your family’s magical secrets scandalously revealed over mac and cheese at a repass; your neighborhood of magical barbershops, bodegas, and cauldron cookouts. In a new world, what are the mythical origin stories for how our people got our glorious brown skin? Bring us to new worlds and lands, where your vision of Blackness is at its center.

What else does magic and community mean to you? Who are the magical leaders of the movement? How have they helped people through generations? What does a new magical world centered by Black people look like? Would it bring you warmth and safety or stoke your inner fires so you’re ready for a fight? What does ride or die mean for supernatural shenanigans? How do the magics of the diaspora change our world today? How do they connect us?

Bring your specificities, your regional slang, your hip-hop references. We want to see the myths you love and are learning to love. We want original universes, remakes, and retellings. Bring us what matters to you.”

Find out more about submitting to this anthology (releasing in February 2021) here, and be sure to pre-order the anthology, sponsor a writer, or donate to the tip jar here!

We cannot WAIT to see this extra-special collection from Wizards in Space and Black Girls Create!

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