Protect The Puffs With The Protego Foundation!

Dec 12, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock


The Protego Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit using magical creatures and messaging from the wizarding word to inspire us to protect and fight for creatures in the muggle world, have just launched their latest campaign: Protect the Puffs!

Aiming to stop the annual badger cull in the U.K., the Protego Foundation are rallying together with Hufflpuffs, as well as Gryffindors, Slytherins and Ravenclaws alike, in order to protect the beloved badger:

“Every autumn more than 70,000 badgers are violently killed in the U.K.’s annual badger cull. Instead of doing away with the needless massacre as promised, the U.K. government has actually expanded the hunting grounds to include eleven new regions. For conservationists, animal lovers, and Hufflepuffs, the U.K. parliament’s blatant disregard for badgers is unacceptable.

“The Protego Foundation’s campaign, “Protect the Puffs,” is our demand to the U.K. Parliament to end the badger massacre once and for all and to not bring it back in 2021.”

Visit the Protego Foundation’s website to learn how to take action from anywhere in the world, and be sure to buy an adorable Protect the Puffs pin (you don’t have to be a Hufflepuff to wear it!). Proceeds from the sales of this pin will go to The Badger Trust:

The Badger Trust exists to promote and enhance the welfare, conservation, and protection of badgers, their setts, and their habitats. They are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support around 60 local, voluntary badger groups and thousands of supporters and followers. The Badger Trust provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the government and other conservation organizations. They use all lawful means to campaign for the improved protection of badgers and are a member of Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) and of Wildlife and Countryside Link.”

What are you waiting for?! Sign the petitions, get your pin, and let us know when you’ve taken action to protect the puffs!

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