EXCLUSIVE: Video Trailer for “Harry Potter: Exploring Diagon Alley” from Insight Editions

Mar 26, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk


I found Harry Potter: Exploring Hogwarts to be one of the cutest and most fun to peruse of the delightful array of books that take us deeper into the magical world. The behind-the-scenes facts were interesting, such as how thread was used to get the Marauders’ Map to re-fold itself when tapped with a wand, but what charmed me about the book was its illustrations. Movies about the books are, naturally, filled with stills from the films. I love those, especially when they show details of facial reactions, sets, props, and costumes that are on screen too briefly to be fully appreciated in the motion picture. A great example of this is the elaborate Yule Ball set, with its ice sculptures, punch bowls, and holiday treats, which we have the opportunity to see up close in Christmas at Hogwarts. But, as an addition to, not a replacement for, photo books, the illustrations in Exploring Hogwarts provided a new perspective on the castle and grounds, and the characters and creatures who interacted therein.

Also, this may be just me, but the style reminds me of a book I had as a child called Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever. Does anyone else remember that book?

Anyway, I am ridiculously happy and excited to say that Insight Editions has followed up on Exploring Hogwarts with Harry Potter: Exploring Diagon Alley! Why am I so over-the-top excited about this book? I mean, of course I LOVE books, especially the Harry Potter books, but usually my reaction to new books about the series is to be impressed by their cleverness, such as the paper-folding genius of the Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley or the unique knitted artefacts in Harry Potter: Knitting Magic. This feeling is more like good, old-fashioned, wholesome childish glee. Is it a reaction exacerbated by the year of being confined by the pandemic? Is it that the large picture book format is somehow comforting, like a warm Butterbeer? Is it that it is finally spring and the snow is melting and the crocuses are popping up like Professor Sprout has tapped here and there with her wand to call them forth into bloom? I am not sure, but perhaps you will share my simple but totally over-the-top pleasure in this new illustrated guide when you see the trailer. Insight Editions has made it available for Leaky fans first.

Harry Potter: Exploring Diagon Alley is available now for $29.99. It is packed with new behind-the-scenes facts about the films, interspersed amongst illustrations by Studio Muti of characters, businesses, street scenes, and, of course, a certain rescued Gringott’s dragon who was in desperate need of some fresh air and space to stretch his wings.

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