Upcoming Tokyo-Based Harry Potter Studio Tour Launches New Video and Website

Apr 03, 2021

Posted by: Jacob Hoggan

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The new Harry Potter studio tour experience in Tokyo, Japan has launched a new website and video for us to dissect!

Warner Bros. Studio tour – The Making of Harry Potter in Japan is expected to open in 2023 at the site of the former theme park named Toshimaen, which is located in the western part of Tokyo. 

This attraction is expected to be similar to the Studio tour found in Leavesden, just outside of London.

There are currently two different versions of the promotional video, one in English (narrated by TV personality Harry Sugiyama) and the other in Japanese, with voice-over work by the voice of Harry Potter in the Japanese dubs, Kensho Ono.  The video shows scenes from the studio tour in London.

Check out the video below:

The attraction is expected to cover a total of 30,000 square meters (around 322,917.31 square ft ). The website describes the attraction as follows: 

“With iconic film sets to explore, costumes and props to discover and magical experiences to delight, the indoor attraction invites visitors to enjoy scenes from the films first-hand and discover how the world’s favourite book series was brought to life on screen.”

It is predicted it will take about half a day to experience all the attraction has to offer, (which by our prediction is 6 to 12 hrs ). Besides how big this attraction is in size, it is expected that there will be shops full of Potter merch, cafes for the hungry to stop and get a bite to eat, and lots to see. Some of the things that a visitor may see include props and recreations of the sets from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. 

The most interesting piece of info comes from the new website according to the website : 

 Plans are underway with Seibu Railways to develop ‘Wizarding World’ theming from Ikebukuro Station to Toshimaen Station to revitalise the locations and attract more people to use this line”   

This means that there may be cross-over events at the Muggle Train Station. Personally, I would imagine a cross-over to include a train that looks like the Hogwarts Express, Wizarding World music, and wizarding-themed signage (perhaps designed by MinaLima?). 

Find out more about the new tour opening in 2023 here

Are you as excited about this upcoming studio tour as we are?  If you are in Japan, are you planning on getting tickets? If you were able to visit the Wizarding world for a day, where would you visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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