Neville plays with LEGOs

Oct 21, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk


What if they had LEGOS at Hogwarts? Would students and teachers put bricks together by hand or would they wave their wands and a LEGO giant squid or Ministry of Magic would assemble itself? We have no way of knowing but we do have a chance to see what Neville Longbottom would build out of LEGOs, given the chance, because he was invited by LEGO to do just that.

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the first LEGO Harry Potter set, the LEGO company asked actor Matthew Lewis to build his top 20 favourite scenes from when he filmed the eight Harry Potter films. Of course there is video, in which he shares some anecdotes from his time on set.

It was interesting to hear about his experiences on Platform 9 ¾ and in the boats with the other first year students. Learning which set was his favourite was a surprise but, after hearing his explanation, it makes sense. I liked how he made references to Neville’s successes and failures during his years at Hogwarts in a manner that was both gently self-deprecating and also acknowledging his strengths, all in light-hearted jocular competition with his mates. It was a bit surprising that he did not linger on the Herbology LEGO set, with the mandrakes. I mean, he does grow up to teach the class himself. But, overall, Lewis was very game to play along and take us through 20 of his favourite scenes.

What is your favourite Neville Longbottom scene in the books or films? Which LEGO set is your favourite? Do you agree with Neville’s choice?

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