Magical meditations for midwinter inspiration

Jan 27, 2022

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Do you suffer from post-holiday blues? Living in the Northern Hemisphere, it has always seemed to me that we need some holiday cheer towards the middle and end of winter, not yet at the very beginning when the winter holidays occur. Of course, there are reasons why the holidays cluster when they do, such as the harvest and the Winter Solstice, but the celebration of traditional holidays does not preclude a little tiramisu later in the winter when we need some warmth and joy. We could all use a little light in the darkest of times.

Many of us use the quiet darkness of winter as a time for self-reflection, to set goals for self-improvement, to engage in self-care, to read more to increase our knowledge and broaden our perspective, to pursue education and hobbies, and, to, uh, snuggle under the blankets with our pets and hot cocoa and binge-watch our favourite shows. This Leaky editor has just started taking ice skating lessons — a long-desired but scary goal. So far, I am about as comfortable on the ice as Neville Longbottom is on a broomstick. I trust it will get easier with practice and a few bruises, although without a broken wrist, one hopes!

If self-reflection is part of your winter plans, you might pick up Harry Potter Magical Meditations: Deck and Guide Book from Insight Editions. This 64-card deck includes questions, prompts, quotes, and other invitations for self-reflection based on the Harry Potter films. It makes a good winter gift for yourself or another Potter fan in your life.

The accompanying 112-page book delves deeper into the cinematic moments explored in the cards and shares some of the inspiration that the filmmakers drew from when creating these iconic scenes.

For those of us who are hardcore devotees of Harry Potter, calling upon the characters, words, stories, themes, and lessons of the series that have resonated with us makes perfect sense. The growth of the characters through challenging situations that tested their loyalty, friendship, intelligence, resourcefulness, bravery, and integrity has inspired countless acts of charity and myriad other ways of doing good in the Muggle world. Harry has built bridges across the globe, given us hope, and made us all better people. Meditating on some of these lessons seems a useful midwinter exercise.

Harry Potter Magical Meditations: Deck and Guide Book will be available on February 8 wherever books are sold. You can pre-order it now from Insight Editions for $19.99. If you have the house-themed guided journals, they pair well together as you can write your reflections on the cards in your journal. The house journals comprise Harry Potter: Courage: A Guided Journal for Embracing Your Inner GryffindorHarry Potter: Ambition: A Guided Journal for Embracing Your Inner SlytherinHarry Potter: Loyalty:A Guided Journal for Embracing Your Inner Hufflepuff, and Harry Potter: Wisdom: A Guided Journal for Embracing Your Inner Ravenclaw.

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