Waiting to see “Secrets of Dumbledore”? Listen to the soundtrack!

Apr 14, 2022

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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As I wait to see Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore for the first time, I am eager for any clues to the film’s content — trailers, photos, graphic art from Mina Lima, interviews, etc. Now I can add the soundtrack to my list of preparatory materials for the film.

The composing and recording of this soundtrack was a time-consuming endeavour: It took 33, 3-hour recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios, over a period of 8 months, to nail down the tracks. That is not including rehearsal time for the many musicians, including the London Voices Choir, who brought the music of composer James Newton Howard to life. Howard composed the scores of the first two films in the Fantastic Beasts franchise as well.


  1. I’m Expecting Someone
  2. We Can Free Each Other
  3. She’s Ready
  4. Wyvern Rescue
  5. Young Man’s Magic
  6. I Know You Are There
  7. Lally
  8. Call Me Jacob
  9. Countersight
  10. A Message to Deliver
  11. Insufficient Evidence
  12. Do You Know What It’s Like?
  13. Kama’s Memory
  14. Same Blood
  15. The Erkstag
  16. Let Him Stand
  17. Manticore Dance <- This must be the “swivel, but gently” scene!
  18. Go to Him
  19. Assassin!
  20. Ted and Pick
  21. The Escape
  22. Kingdom of Bhutan
  23. Powers of the Beast
  24. Family History
  25. Reanimation
  26. The Room We Require
  27. Surrounded
  28. Hey Fellas
  29. Case Chaos
  30. A Full Heart
  31. The Vote
  32. He’s Lying to You
  33. The Twin
  34. He Sought to Kill, I Sought to Protect
  35. I Was Never Your Enemy
  36. The Promise
  37. The Ceremony
  38. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
  39. Heaven – Gregory Porter

The soundtrack is available via Amazon and various streaming services. To build anticipation for the film’s release, Warner Bros. released two of the tracks on YouTube on April 4, but you can access the entire soundtrack now. What do you think of it?

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