New Harry Potter digital Funko Pops

Dec 09, 2023

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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New Harry Potter Funko Pops. That sounds cute and fun. Wait, digital? What? This was a bit confusing to us at first. Are not Funko Pops real, tangible collectibles that ones buys at cons and such?

Freddy Death Eater

We have an explanation from Funko to clarify things: “Funko Digital Pop! incorporates non-fungible tokens into digital trading cards that feature Funko’s stylized Pop! figures. Each pack also comes with an opportunity to reveal a rare Funko Digital Pop! when opened, which can be redeemed for a free, limited edition, physical vinyl collectible.”

Viktor Krum

Ok, so they are digital trading cards that can be used to win a collectible limited edition Funko. Got it. We know that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, so it kind of fits with the magical world. (Although laptops still cannot get WiFi at Hogwarts…we blame Peeves.)

Fleur DeLacour

This new collection will be available on January 23 at 11am PST, exclusively through Funko’s digital collectibles platform, The collection will include Harry, Ron, Draco, Hermione, Dumbledore, and others.

Harry Potter with Grindylow

The collectibles can be purchased as part of standard or premium digital packs, with a total of 31,250 for each pack available. Standard packs (5 Digital Pops!) retail for $9.99 USD and premium packs (15 Digital Pops!) for $29.99 USD. You can pay via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

Cedric Diggory

Every purchase offers collectors the opportunity to unveil a rare Funko Digital Pop!, which can be redeemed for a matching limited-edition physical Pop! collectible. Redeemable Digital Pops! featured in the Harry Potter drop include Harry Potter with Grindylow, Fleur Delcacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum with Shark Head, Hungarian Horntail, Merperson, and Freddy Funko as Death Eater.

Hungarian Horntail

To stay up to date on the latest Funko Digital Pop! releases, follow @OriginalFunko and on XFacebook and Instagram. For fans who have missed out on past launches, Droppp’s marketplace offers collectors a secure space to browse, trade and complete their Digital Pop! collections. 


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