Final Product



Example made in Red Heart worsted weight – Soft Navy & Carrot (for Ravenclaw)
Size I afghan or other long crochet hook


Varies by size – work with what you like best


Use the Tunisian “knit” stitch. A good tutorial can be found here.

Row 1: ch 15 for a narrow scarf, or 42 for wider “movie” size. Insert the hook into the 2nd ch from hook, yo, and pull loop through the chain stitch (2 loops on hook).

Insert hook into next chain, yo, and pull loop through ch, rep *to to end of row, leaving all loops on the hook. The number of loops on the the hook should be the same as the beginning foundation chain. Do not turn.

Row 2: Working from left to right, yo and pull through first loop on hook, yo, and pull through next 2 loops, rep *to to end of row (1 loop left on hook).

Row 3: Insert hook between the 2 double vertical strands of each loop (from front to back), below the chain formed by row 2, yo and pull through a loop (loosely), rep *to across row.

Row 4: Repeat row 2

Repeat row 3 & 4 for pattern. When changing color, attach at end of even row at “1 loop left” so that the remaining loop is the new color.

Color Changes

1 – 28 in MC (you can easily count the rows you've made by the ridges on the back of your work)

29 – 32 in CC

33 – 38 in MC

39 – 42 in CC

43 – 66 in MC

Repeat 13 times. You should have 14 sets of “captured” bars and each end should be 28 rows long. Fold the entire scarf in half and whip stitch. The seam can be in the back or on a side – your choice. Whip stitch the ends closed and add short fringe all the way across.


© Jennifer Ofenstein. Pattern was taken with permission from

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