Final Product

Luna's Necklace, by Tricia L. Richardson


  1. Small amount of Red Heart Sport in linen
  2. Black embroidery floss
  3. Small amount of Red Heart Lustersheen in bluette
  4. Shank button
  5. Yarn needle
  6. Embroidery needle
  7. Polyfill
  8. E/4 (3.50 mm) hook

Cork Instructions

  1. Round 1: With linen, work 6 sc in magic ring, join with sl st to the first sc. (6 sc) Author's Note: Do not pull magic ring too tight.
  2. Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in ea sc, join with sl st in the back loop of the first sc. (12 sc)
  3. Round 3: Ch 1, sc into the back loop only (blo) of ea sc, join with sl st in both loops of the first sc.
  4. Rounds 4”10: Ch 1, sc in ea sc, join with sl st in both loops of first sc.
  5. Round 11: Ch 1, sc in ea sc, join with sl st in the blo of the first sc.
  6. Round 12: Ch 1, sc-decrease (scde) in blo around, join in both loops of the first scdec. (6 sc)
  7. Round 13: *Sl st in next st, sk next st* 3 times to close the top of the cork.
  8. Cut yarn.
  9. Use the yarn needle to hide the yarn end down the middle and come out the other side.
  10. Pull snugly and trim the end close.


  1. Using black embroidery floss, insert the embroidery needle from the top through the cork and out the center of the beginning magic ring, through the shank button, back up through the magic ring, and out the top.
  2. Pull snug and secure with an overhand knot.
  3. Leave a 1 inch (2.54 cm) gap for the necklace and do another overhand knot.
  4. Trim ends.

Luna's Necklace - Assembly Picture


  1. With the bluette Lustersheen, ch 200 sts and tie off, leaving a 4 inch (10.16 cm) tail on all ends.
  2. Repeat one time so that there are 2 pieces approximately 36 inches (91.44 cm) each.
  3. Thread 2 of the 4 inch (10.16 cm) ends through the gap between the knots on the top of the cork.
  4. Use an overhand knot to secure all four ends together.


Tricia L. Richardson's tutorial was taken with permission from Ravelry, and was submitted as an entry to The Leaky Cauldron's 2010 Knitting vs. Crochet Wars Contest.


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