Final Product

Golden Snitch Silk Painting


Silk (does not have to be a great quality)
Silk paints (available from art shops)- the paints are mixable, so don't need every shade of every colour
Circular wooden frame or embroidery hoop


Find a nice picture of a golden snitch and draw out the picture on some plain white paper.

Cut the silk to fit the frame you are using.

For square frames, use drawing pins to stick it onto the frame, so that the silk is very taught, and that there are no creases. For embroidery hoops, you won't need pins, just attach it nice and tightly.

Holding the silk over the picture you've drawn, use a pencil to trace the picture onto the silk. You will be able to see the picture through the silk.

Making sure the silk is slightly off the table top, use the resist/gutta/liner to draw a nice line over your pencil tracings. You can buy different colour liners, and they have the effect of separating the areas of silk, so that the silk paints do not cross the lines. Do not let the tip of the liner nozzle actually touch the silk; keep it ever so slightly off the silk. If you want to outline your picture, so that it has a clearly defined edge, just use the liner/resist around the edge of the picture.

Use a hairdryer to dry the liner/resist you have just used.

Now comes the fun part. Using a nice wet brush, use the silk paint, (or if you've mixed it, then use that) and begin painting. Start using a small amount of paint, because if you use too much, then the colours will run over the liner, and you will lose your clearly defined edges.

The colours will run into each other if you put them near enough, so you do not need to overlap other colours for them to mix. If they are not mixing enough, you can put a small amount of water on top to help them spread.

When you have finished, run the painting under the hairdrier, until it is dry to the touch. Then you can remove it carefully from your frame, and voila, a finished silk painting.

Notes from the Author: I do not know the after-care of the silk. I suggest that you ask when buying the products, what temperature you can wash the material in. My silk paintings have been stretched over a piece of cardboard and framed. However, you can also use this technique to make silk scarves, so you might need to check if you can put them in the washing machine. Have fun, and keep practicing. It can be a very delicate technique, so you may need to try a few times before you get the perfect picture.


Naomi Silk's tutorial was taken with permission.

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