1 black t-shirt (or the color you prefer)
Bright green fabric paint (or the color you prefer)
Photo paper
Scissors or exacto knife
Packing tape
Harry Potter font (Right-click, choose "Save Link As", and save to a location you'll remember.)


Find where you saved "" and extract/unzip it to its own folder.

Open Microsoft Windows, click on Start - Settings - Control Panel - Fonts - File - Install New Font - Locate where you saved the font - Ok.

Open a new document in Word, using the Harry Potter font, type the letter S P E W with spaces in between, using the largest font size you have.

Print everything out on photo paper.

Cut the letters out making a stencil (they can be separated from one another).

If the letters are separated from one another, place the stencils on the shirt as far apart as you would like them and tape them down (packing tape works well). If they are not separated, tape down the whole stencil.

Using green fabric paint, color in the stencil. You will have to use a lot of coast of paint to get it to show properly.

Let dry and remove the stencil.

Put a period (.) in between each letter.


Cheryl Skvarcek's tutorial was taken with permission.

Finding Hogwarts

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