Bundt pan (or a large, glass oven-safe bowl that is similar in size at the top and bottom).
Dry ice
Sturdy, round cake board
Cake batter (author suggests either butter or pumpkin)
Chocolate buttercream icing
Black gel (or paste) food coloring
Cake decorating tools
Professional Baker's Grease (equal portions of creamed vegetable shortening, vegetable oil and flour)
Medium-sized juice glass or jelly jar

Optional Supplies
Orange or red foil gift-wrap to cover the cake board
Miniature red and/or orange lights
Green lights


Please note that if you are baking your cake in the glass bowl, the oven temperature needs to be lowered by 25° F (15° C).

Grease the Bundt pan or glass bowl with the professional baker's grease.

Make cake batter, and pour into greased Bundt pan or glass bowl.

When your cake is done baking, allow it to cool in its pan for a few minutes, and then release it onto a wire rack and allow it to cool completely before proceeding, preferably over night.

In the meantime, cover the cake round with foil.

When your cake is completely cooled, place it on the foil-covered cake round (if you used a glass bowl with a narrowed bottom for baking, slice off just enough so that the bottom is wide enough to support the rest).

Bundt Pan Instructions

A Bundt cake will already have the well, but you may need to widen it. Place the glass inside the well.

Ice your Halloween cauldron cake with black buttercream and smooth. For an eerie glow, add green decorating gel.

Glass Bowl Instructions

Carve a well in the middle of your cake big enough for the medium juice glass or jelly jar. This will hold the dry ice and allow a good amount of steam to rise. (Be careful not to carve the hole so wide that there's not much cake left!)

Ice your Halloween cauldron cake with black buttercream and smooth. For an eerie glow, add green decorating gel.

Spooky Effects


Add a small piece of dry ice into your glass container.

Place a small amount of warm water in this container and then set it in the iced cake.

If using the optional green lights, place around the base of your cake.

Alternate Method #1

For a textured look, and instead of using black-colored chocolate icing, crumble brownies or the outside of Oreos and press onto plain, non-crusting buttercream icing.

Alternate Method #2

For another textured option, use white icing, with shaved white chocolate mixed into it.

Instead of using a glass and dry ice inside your cake, fill it will cherry pie filling and place more shaved white chocolate on top of the cake.


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